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Marine suing parking lot owner after his wife died from dropping her in a pothole


A US Marine is suing a California parking lot owner after tripping over a pothole while carrying his wife after his wedding- a fall that ultimately killed her.

John Pinkham was carrying his beloved in his arms in June of 2019 as they departed from the Carlsbad’s Village Faire, a local pub and venue that has overnight accommodations.

“Young, in love and newlyweds, John Pinkham was carrying his wife Robyn Pinkham in his arms as they moved toward the group’s car,” a lawsuit reads.

Suddenly, he tripped into a pothole, and both lovers went tumbling into the pavement.

His wife, Robyn Pinkham, would die from her head injuries five days later.

This month, a lawsuit was filed against SVF, LLC, a Santa Barbara company that owns Village Faire, claiming SVF failed to keep the walking path in safe condition.

According to the Daily Mail, local residents claim the site is patched up yearly, and that the lot is in good condition.

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