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Marine Spec. Ops. officer accused of killing 19 civilians is vindicated

USMC Major Frank Galvin

A retired US Marine officer has finally been vindicated following a dozen-year fight to clear his name of war crimes accusations.

Major Fred Galvin of Kansas City was an up-and-coming leader in the Marines Special Operations community when he and six of his Marines were accused of killing 19 civilians and wounding 50 others in the aftermath of a 2007 ambush in Afghanistan.

The investigation and rash judgment that followed would ultimately paint a black stripe upon the Marines involved, ruining careers, stripping them of honor, and sullying their reputations.

“This destroyed their lives, and their families, it has a lot of effects,” Galvin noted, adding that many Marines suffered through health issues, financial problems, career glass ceilings, unemployment, and divorces.

Following his own forced retirement as a major, Galvin applied for 600 jobs and was only granted 1 interview.

In a recently-released report, Galvin and his Marines were finally given the vindication they sought for over twelve years. The details of the document run deep, and refer to the accusers as a “perfect storm of toxic officers” who “suppressed evidence,” adding that the “magnitude of their errors could not be overstated.”

“The optimal result is holding those military officers accountable for destroying and repeatedly doing what they did,” said Galvin, who pointed out that some of the accusers are still in uniform today.

As far as being formally -and completely- cleared, Gavin told KMBC that a weight has been lifted off of him.

“It’s incredible, it’s life-changing,” he said. “It’s great to have our lives back.”

In January of this year, it was formally requested that Galvin be retroactively promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, a rank opportunity that was taken from him following the incident.

Despite the stigma, scandal, and railroading of careers, the USMC maintains that the Marines of F Company did no wrong on that fateful day in 2007.

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