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Marine sniper veteran’s dream bike stolen during broad daylight


Marine veteran Allen Lipscomb is a lifelong bike enthusiast who has been attending classes at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, under the GI bill.

Normally, he rides his bike to and from class, but all that changed this week when his dream bike was stolen.

As a Marine, Allen served three active duty tours in a sniper platoon and when he returned home he continued to bike competitively and for pleasure. Cycling has always been a big part of his life –it’s his passion, his therapy.

So, while Allen did a lot of thinking before making the big purchase for a new bike, he says ultimately it was something he didn’t want to live without.

The $2,300 Niner cycle was his dream bike.  It had custom ss blunts, white wheels with green nips, black spokes–everything  built specifically for that bike.

It was stolen off a bike rack on the GRCC campus Tuesday in broad daylight. The campus police station is located directly behind the rack it was taken from.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any cameras in the area, but Allen was able to provide police with the bike’s serial number.

They are now going to monitor local pawn shop inventories and sites like Craigslist and Ebay in case the bike shows up somewhere – Fox 17 reported.

The school says it’s going to provide bikers with a secure storage facility starting this summer, to prevent something like this from happening again.

Allen is keeping a good attitude about the whole thing. He says, “At first I was bitter, but now I hope that if I never get it back, I hope that somebody enjoys it just as much as I do. I guess if that’s one way to be an advocate.”

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