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Marine sergeant arrested on accident when she returned home for holidays


An Iowa Marine stationed in Missouri was arrested after leaving the state to head home for a family emergency- and it all seems to be some sort of mix-up.

When news broke that her stepmother had come out of a recent surgery and needed care, Sergeant Kaylie Coats Immediately headed home to the Iowa town of Clive, in order to help her family.

However, while running errands on December 7, she was stopped by police who claimed there was a warrant for her arrest.

“He let me know there was a warrant out for my arrest and asked me if I knew about it,” Coats said.

Later, she would learn the warrant was for skipping out on a cab bill in 2015, when she wasn’t even in the same state at the time.

“I mentioned I hadn’t been here during the time of October 2015,” Coats said. “I was still stationed in California when it happened.”

Her mother eventually bailed her out of jail within six hours, but the infuriating news would come the following day- the police messed up.

“I received a phone call from the chief of Clive police stating there was a mistake, and he wanted for me to call him back,” Coats said.

According to KCCI, it is believed that her application for a permit to carry -submitted the night before- led authorities to wrongly arrest her, with the computer system somehow mixing things up.

At this point, all Coats wants is reform.

“There must be a system in place to make sure that if there is a mistake by a human being that it doesn’t result in a person being put in handcuffs,” Coats said.

Around 17,546 people live in the town of Clive.

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