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Marine who sent warning of Taliban attack in personal email plans to use Clinton case for appeal

Major Jason Brezler
Photo/Cpl. Zach Nola

A US Marine Reservist who was shamed for improperly disseminating classified information to save his fellow Marines will be using Hillary Clinton’s case in the fight to keep himself from being involuntarily separated from the Corps.

According to The Washington Post, Major Jason Brezler has had his case gridlocked in the federal court system since he first sued the Marine Corps in 2014,

Brezler was investigated after using an unclassified email account to send classified information warning other Marines in southern Afghanistan about a potentially corrupted Afghan national police chief. Around 17 days later, the servant of said police official opened fire on Marines with an AK on August 10, 2012, killing three Marines and wounding a fourth.

Brezler attorney Michael J. Bowe said he intends to use the case of Clinton’s treatment as “as one of the many, and most egregious examples” of how severely Major Brezler was punished.

The new course of action comes hot on the heels of  FBI Director James B. Comey’s Tuesday announcement that he would not recommend federal charges against Clinton, who exercised “extremely careless” use of private, unencrypted email servers during her tenure as Secretary of State. During the investigation, the FBI found that 110 of Clinton’s emails contained classified information.

Bowe cries hypocrisy in President Obama’s statement that Clinton’s intentional act of setting up a private server did not discredit her “excellent ability to carry out her duties,” while Brezler received severe punishment for doing something similar, albeit with “infinitely less sensitive and limited information.”

Brezler -who is a firefighter with the NYFD- voluntarily handed over electronics to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who found over 100 classified documents on his personal hard drive and thumb drive.

Supporters of Brezler are bringing the case back up since Comey’s announcement about Clinton allegedly shows the discrepancy in how service members and higher-level politicians are treated- namely one who may become their Commander in Chief.

Having fought since receiving a 2013 recommendation by the Marines to remove Brezler from the Corps, Bowe said Wednesday that Brezler has secured a stay on the decision to discharge him until the end of October, when a federal judge is expected to make a ruling on the case.

The killer of the three Marines -Ainuddin Khudairaham- was sentenced as a juvenile to only 7½ years in confinement by an Afghan court, infuriating mourning families of the Marines who wanted a more severe sentence.

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  1. In this case the Military has not caught up with modern technology to provide proper communications with our troops.
    I find this soldier not guilty in anyway but I do find him to be a true HERO!
    When a person does the right thing to save lives, somehow they always catch’s hell….
    No news at 10 on CNN of dead soldiers that day!
    You’re suppose to make the enemy die, not you!
    I’d serve with him in a heartbeat!

  2. Just wondering about the 100 classified documents found on his personal drives. While I don’t see an issue with him sending the email to save lives, if that was the only way he could do it, I’m not sure about the classified documents. Just find that curious. I worked for over 40 years with a clearance and never would or could put classified info on a personal drive.


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