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Marine Sends ISIS a Warning About Messing with the USA


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A message has gone viral which has been attributed to a Marine veteran, Nick Powers, who posted it on Facebook.



To all you ignorant Islamic extremist f—ks. As I sit here watching you execute women, children and men in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you idiots who think you are so tough. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak.

What did Saddam’s troops do when we came to town? Surrendered, twice… All your threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than you could ever understand. In 2012 there were 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? That means there are millions of pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch friends die because you Islamic idiots can’t seem to act like human beings and stop terrorism and violence.

It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days, do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear? Remember we are armed in the US and I can promise you that the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there is no mercy. The ball is in your court Islam, we are more than ready to send you to your “prophet” Mohamed….


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  1. I am not a Veteran But I am with my American Brothers!! I am Armed and Ready to Defend my Family and My Fellow American’s so you do not just have 21.2 Million Vets Pissed but another million or so Redneck son of Bitches also read for action!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!! And May our Banner always Fly!!!!

  2. Oootah ,let them bastards come here we got more than they can bargain from. There are millions of vets ready and every hunter, and armed citizen just waiting for them all and anyone who wants to stand next to these cowards will now how my nine mil or my 308feel .I’m itching for a few hits

  3. I think it’s very disrespectful to wage war on a religion. You know know there are many muslim in the Marines, including myself, that would get offended by reading what you said about our prophet. This is spewing hate and you should really think about what you write. To the Islamist Radical, it’s a religious war, but to the US it should be an act of doing what’s right. You should remove this because you didn’t go to USMC PA to post this. This violates our USMJ rules. You should really think about what you’re doing here, brother. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to open a can of American whoopsass to these assholes, but in the name of America, not of Islamist hate.

  4. I guess I have to play hardball with you then, Kristine, since you feel my perfectly ligament comment was inappropriate. As a military spouse, the things you say can/do affect your husbands career. I will have to give a call to his chain of command o inform him about these recent hate posts from the “USMC.” This doesn’t represent America’s USMC nor should it. Discrimination is very frowned upon in today’s military. I ask that you remove this post by the morning or I must continue to take further professional action.


    Yusuf Nasab

    • Your comment was never flagged or deleted, ALL COMMENTS are held to prevent spam until someone from our team can log in and approve it — you waited AN HOUR. Give me a break. Quit overreacting and getting hurt when you have to wait for protocol. There is nothing wrong with posting a Marine’s thoughts regarding ISIS and you can see people can weigh in to agree or disagree. That’s what we do here — we provide articles and or trending stories and people weigh in with their thoughts. You had your opinion and guess what — others get to say theirs. The Marine who wrote this is no longer in the Corps and therefore is not subject to the USMJ. My husband’s career is just fine. Good luck with your witch hunt against me for allowing a community of Marines and families to weigh in with free speech.

    • Hahaha this guy is serious. Scary……. If what a dependent does, specially exercising freedom of speech, effects their loved ones career in the Military, then the Chain is doing something wrong and should be punished as such. If you are Muslim and butt hurt you should be butt hurt at what they are doing to your religion and not at a post that is. Plus non of your threats work, the guy is a FORMER Marine jackass. Go cry somewhere else

  5. I am a woman, a mother and not born in the USA., but have male/female both who served and still currently serving this great nation that I so proudly call home. So add a couple more million like myself, to 21.2 million and counting… We all know. #1. How dangerous a Mama bear can be, 2. Don’t step into a bears den. 3. DONT POKE THE BEAR.

  6. These scumbags should be given the Lemay treatment. Wing tip to wing tip B-52 strikes around the clock. No ROE either, everybody on the ground gets it.

    Semper fi,

  7. I dont understand how these isis “people” can do the things theydo. Cutting heads off especially little kids.i was drafted in 67 so I guess im one of those vets. I dont think usa will let isis get here but if they will look like swiss cheese. One thing I do worry about is we dont have the amount of numbers in military as we did in vietnam etc. Cant keep sending people back and back in deployment. Im trying to understand islam. This isis group needs to be stopped. Just hate to see more us troops killed. I have my Winchester 94, but I pray it never would come to that. This problem has been going on for centuries. Muslims around the world really need tto denounce these murderers.

  8. As a former leatherneck myself i salute this guy. I laugh at the things they claim they will do also. in the words of my old senior drill instructor SSGT Wruble: “Good news (jihadi fucks): …shut the fuck up.”

    you will be “cleansed” of the earth in due time. especially if you fuck around over here.

  9. yes we armed and ready to defend our country and loved one’s. I will stop at nothing to protect my country. so isis please make your move, step on our toes and we will put a tag on yours.

  10. HARDBALL?! YOU SAY YOURE A MARINE AND YOU IMMEDIATELY CALL SNITCHING “HARDBALL”?! Back in the day Marines were regarded as the dogs of war, Teufel Hunden. A name given to us by one of the greatest enemies of human-kind of all time. Now we have Marines that are offended? If the Marine Corps wanted you to have feelings, they would have been issued to you. Otherwise they are a luxury you enjoy on leave. The only thing Marines should be offended about is threats on our families, country and Corps or you’re not doing your job. Everything else including the blind hate that fuels our fire is simply what Marines need to feed on. You want politics and feelings in your military? Go lat move to something else. Marines are a special breed that are reborn in a fire to hate, discriminate, tear, claw, bite, anything it takes to effectively deploy the art of death. EXCEPT SNITCH! Anything less is just “todays military”. You will see them again and the harder groups like ISIS push, the closer we are to “todays military” becoming ineffective and the government reopening the gates of hell because nothing else is working because its too soft and too slow because of politics. Wait till you see the Marines that come out of that fire. They will F@#$%n eat you just to watch your soft soul squirm on the ground. Calling snitching on a brother who is supposed to be your right hand, is offensive and soft. Marines are supposed to be harder than a diamond. You are something else, “brother”, you F@#$%N snitch!!!!!!!

  11. I love that marine I couldent have told that isis garbage beter myself.
    heehee I am thinking of the isis invadeing my town.. betwee thhe good old boys in the south
    and my area we just may have a barb b cue.. isis alamode.
    and my dog will eat anything.. but the isis are to much a coward they will hide and plant bombs at most.
    they should face my mother. it will be a lesson they wont forget.
    you Marine veterans…. GOD BLESS YOU
    your the best thing that happened to this earth. my uncle was a marine.
    in june 1942 I think. france. I wish I was young enough to join.
    but the isis starts here I will hunt them down like a dirty dog.
    remember this. you good old boys can count on me


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