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Marine robbed of prized possessions during PCS stop in Houston


Sgt. Kenneth Fuqua’s world turned upside down when he found his pickup truck broken into and his personal belongings stolen or smashed all over the ground.

Fuqua was in the middle of a PCS, moving from California to Destin, Florida when he stopped in Houston for the night at a Houston Marriot in the Galleria, according to KHOU. Worried about his belongings, he paid the extra money to park overnight in the hotel’s secure garage, complete with security cameras.

“I lost everything, all of my worldly possessions… walked up to my truck and everything that was left was strewn about the ground,” he said.

His military uniforms were stolen along with personal items including a laptop, television, and guns.

Also taken in the break-in was his late grandfather’s medallion that he received as a Marine in Vietnam, saying “My grandmother kept it for me until I graduated boot camp in 2012… they stole it right off my rearview mirror,” said Fuqua.

Fuqua asked the hotel for their security footage and was told that the cameras didn’t capture anything. The case has been turned over to local authorities who aren’t hopeful, saying that break-ins with little evidence are tough crimes to solve, according to the news piece.

Fuqua hails from a long line of Marines and soldiers.

His mom is upset, saying, “I can’t comprehend that,” said Tina Fuqua. “I can’t comprehend someone doing this to somebody who is trying to protect our country.”

Fuqua said his spirit can’t be broken, even though he’s lost all his possessions.

“I’m a U.S. Marine,” he said. “You can’t break my bearing.”

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