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Marine reservist strangled girlfriend to death, then rented gun and killed himself

Justin Hakeem Walker (left) and Rebecca Jones (right). Photo: Facebook

A Marine Corps reservist killed himself at a Wilmington gun range Monday after he rented a gun from the shop. It was there he left a note directing authorities to his apartment where he’d killed his girlfriend.

The Marine’s girlfriend, Rebecca Ann Jones, 23, was deceased when investigators entered the apartment, as reported by the Gaston Gazette.

Authorities at the Wilmington Police Department believe Jones died sometime between noon and 2:15pm Monday. Autopsy reports show that Jones, a nursing student, suffered from blunt force trauma and was strangled to death.

Area police discovered a secondary note inside the apartment next to Jones’ body, indicating that the couple was going through a breakup and Walker was distraught.

“I really don’t got nothing to ask the police,” Tyrone Walker said. “There’s nothing they can solve. Nobody can know what was going on with both of them. Not nobody knows the motive that really happened,” says Walker’s older brother Tyrone.

Walker was a 26-year-old Marine reservist attached to Tank Company F, 4th Tank Battalion, 4th Marine Division at Camp Lejeuene according to military officials. He had been promoted to sergeant on October 1st.

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