Marine Reservist in Congress will oppose waiver for Mattis


    rep-ruben-gallego-d-arizRep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., a Marine Reserve veteran who served in Iraq, said Monday that while he is grateful for Mattis’ years of service in the Marine Corps, he believes doesn’t think the country’s military should be led by a former military member.

    In response to  Donald Trump’s announcement that he will nominate General James  as Defense Secretary, Rep.   said in a released statement:

    “As a fellow Marine, I greatly admire General James ‘ dedication and leadership. We all should be incredibly grateful for his many years of service to our nation.

    “As a veteran, I believe strongly in the principle of civilian leadership of the military. Current law requires that a military officer be out of active duty for at least seven years before taking the job of defense secretary. I do not believe this long-standing check should be cast aside, and I will oppose a waiver of this rule, even for someone as exceptionally qualified as General .”

    Gallego is not the only one who will oppose a waiver for Mattis. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee does not support granting an exception for Mattis and will vote against a waiver, according to the Washington Examiner.

    Rep.   served in the Marine Corps Reserve from 2000 to 2006 and deployed to Iraq with Lima 3/25. He currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee.

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    1. This guy is a joke and I could care less if he sees this or not. He was a reservist a tampon a Boy Scout how does he even have a clue what the real Marine Corps does on a regular 365 days a year. He used his little deployment to get elected as s Washington yes man my question is what has he done for the military.

    2. Well, bravo for this congressman. I thank him for his service in the Corps but……he obviously hasn’t considered that one of the reasons this country is n such dire straits is because many serving as Sec of Defense had no clue how to perform in that capacity! Civilian oversight is accomplished by having the Senate and House oversee the actions of the military and having the authority to curb their actions. Having a former military person in that position will serve to STRENGTHEN our military!

      Now that youve had your 15 minutes of fame, go away!

    3. If REP Gallego did his homework rather than taking the (typical) Left(ist) view, he’d see that Mattis’ waver would NOT be the 1st in American history. George Marshall (yes, the Marshall Plan “Marshall”) was just shy of 5 years out of uniform when he became Truman’s Sec of State in ’47. Unfortunately, this left-winged nut is the REP for my area of PHX.

    4. Ha..ha..ha..stupid dumocrats, like your vote will matter, the Republicans have the votes needed….drum roll please…..presenting Secretary of Defense..General James ” Mad Dog ” Mattis …. Oorah

    5. You are not in the Marines anymore and you can serve right? He is not in the Marines anymore but you are saying that isn’t good enough for him to serve? Typical liberal hypocrisy. You were probably a truck driver that got mad he had to leave the wire once in a while..

    6. Keith- simple answer: because this is the USA, not DPRK. I suggest that you go to the local community college and brush up on your US government knowledge.

    7. So a weekend warrior/one pump chump thinks he knows more about leading the military than Mad Dog? ???????????? Maybe with some real time on AD, he’d know what a tool he really sounds like to the rest of us.

    8. As a democrat it’s pretty obvious he either forgot or never really believed in the values instilled in the Corps. If he truly studied why that rule was enacted, he’d know it’s a crock. But democrats have no respect for our Nation’s values, so his response isn’t that surprising!

    9. Thank you for your service but you certainly don’t have the same point of view as the majority of the military members from the post I am reading. Isn’t that part of your constituency??

    10. No argument. But. Fair is fair. He should put his money where is mouth is and not take part for n leading the country from the house. After all, he too is a veteran. I don’t expect it of course. Much easier to talk than walk.

    11. I think it’s time 2 vote that representative out. But didn’t he say he served in the military and he would have to have to wait a certain time to actually come back and fill the role of that position so it does it sound contradicting for the representative to even speak on it because how long did he wait before he took office


    13. Let me get this right, Reuben would rather the Pentagon be ran by someone who has never wore a uniform of any branch of service ! We gave lawyers a chance,look at what they did to the military…NO MORE LAWYERS !!!!!!!!!!

    14. I think what Mr. Gallego is forgetting, is that he is to represent the will of the people not his will. He is also forgetting that the Secretary of Defense does not lead the military, the President does. Additionally, the option for a waver is in the law for a reason and General Mattis is that reason. Furthermore, Mr. Gallego is a Democrat, so I’m not buying his reasoning and/or excuse for standing against General Mattis and President Elect Trump.

    15. The military, has been led by former military members…as President, with two noticeable exceptions, clinton and obama. Trump, while not being former military, at least does not loathe our military as these two did.

    16. Rep Gallego is entitled to his opinion, as flawed as it may be.He has been elected to represent the citizens of his district. He would be better served if he polled those who elected him….and those who did not. Examine the records of former SODs….they permitted and covered for Benghazi massacre to happen among other disasters.

    17. Democrats, as soon as they’re not in power they suddenly, instantly, care about the rule of law. There is only one difference between Bergdahl and this Democrat congressperson that I have never heard from before now; and, that is that even though Bergdahl wants to be a woman, he has more manly courage than this wimp. This congressperson is exactly what the current president replaced the real combat proven leaders with. I never heard of you before, now let’s keep it that way.

    18. Although somewhat of a moot point, I’d like to question how he has a beard even being in the Reserve. Are IA Reservists even allowed that or is he out all together?

    19. WOW! I didn’t know Marines drank kool aid! This man is a disgrace. But, when I saw “D” after his name, I was no longer surprised. What a double tragedy.

    20. Rep Ruben Gallego think you are still wet behind the ears. And sir what are real reasons for not going with Gen Mattis or is this coming from your POTUS that does not have any military back ground and just wants to cut Defense budget. Like you and McCain are cut from the same cloth the both of you don’t do any thing for Arizona. Its just the same old B.S. time and time again. One other thing that job you have is not a career understand that please. Its time for term limits. So I hope II don’t need to send you a safety pen Sir.!!

    21. Typical scumball leftist. Cares more about marching in goose-step with the radical leftist than even giving a great man a hearing.

    22. He “doesn’t think the Defense Department should be headed by a former member of the military”. Well Mr. Gallego, to the best of my knowledge an individual’s past military or lack of military service doesn’t now or has it ever, been a disqualifier for an individual to be considered for nomination to head any federal agency.
      Apperently the requirement for the position that James Mattis is being selected by President-elect Trump for, would require a former military officer to be separated from service for at least seven years. However a waiver may be granted by congress should they feel it would be in the best interest of the nation to do so. I can think of no better a candidate to fill that position than this former Marine Corps. General who has demonstrated in peace and war to have an exceptional ability to lead and knowledge on what and how the military needs to be trained and equipped in the present and going forward.
      At a time our forces have been streached beyond the point of exhaustion, badly needed upgrades to some equipment (tanks, planes), older equipment replaced completely to keep pace with newer Russian and Chinese equipment and an improved physical and combat training methods and standards not to mention an immediate action to repair the moral of the men and women in uniform inflicted over the past 8 yrs by an administration that gutted it’s ranks and attacked the very traditions of the U.S. military and each services unique traditions.
      Here is an individual who having been a commanding general of forces in a theater of combat who will have a clear understanding between himself and the general officers of the four branches by virtue of having held those same positions himself. Regardless of his separation from service 2 yrs or 7 yrs or 27 yrs, he is by all literal description a Civilian”. Consider for a moment Mr. Gallego, there has been an individual who has occupied the office of president for 8 yrs that lacked in any and all the necessary practical experience that a nations chief exective position by it’s very nature of the office entails. Obama had no experience of ever having been in a position where he was in charge of a large project or business in the public or private sectors nor any military experience, but non of that disqualified him from running for and occupying the office of president, How well did that go.
      No Mr. Gallego, a man like James Mathis is definately what is needed at this time, place and the events of the nature that are taking place across the globe in the very condition and diminished capacity we find our military in the midst of the threats facing this nation today. Just as Trump, though having no previous political experience, he has a tremendous amount of experience as a chief executive of a multinational corporation and the experience of dealing with the politics and politicians of the nations his Companies did business and in negotiation with these people. All the things that the out going president never had. Trump is not afraid to speak his mind regardless of how uncomfortable it makes people and is exactly what this country needs at this moment in time and place though he may not represent the most optimum in personality or demeanor, but significantly superior to who he is replacing and exponentially superior in ethical and motivation than the individual he defeated for election to the office of president. There are times when the best people needed are not a civilian, or a politician just like now, at this moment and time in our nations history.

    23. If the Rep believes in what he says then as a military member he needs to Resign from his civilian gov’t elected position….what a waste of good air!!!!!

    24. What the hell? Civilians are clueless about military live, needs and abilities. this IDIOT needs to be recalled, He MUST be suffering TBI…

    25. Ruben,
      I am willing to listen to the principles used to vote against Mr. Mattis. It does rate discussion. How were you influenced? By your constituents? Your political party? Your education? What historical evidence have you researched that indicates Mr.Mattis will not be a good leader due to the dates of his retirement? If not Mr.Mattis, who? Sen.Jim Webb?
      Ruben, I too am from Chicago and raised southeast of Columbus, OH. I was with you and 3/25 in Iraq during the 2005 deployment. Weapons M.A.P.s Yes, 46+ lost their lives… 5 were mine. My mission is to live and lead for them. Please don’t use your time as an elected official to give our country more of the same.
      By the way, nice picture but you might want to cut down on the cheeseburgers.
      “Doc” Thacker

      • Part of those rules involve the use of a waiver for exceptional individuals. Mattis fits that bill. And unlike what Obama would do, Trump is allowing the Constitutional checks and balances to take place through the legislative process of congressional vote for the waiver. So the will of the people through their representatives remains intact. The waiver makes total sense to me. The past 8 years has seen all branches of our military become a grand social experiment by the Left – with hand-picked SJWs filling the highest-level positions in our armed forces. A great American like Mattis will make sure the best people for the job will be selected, rather than a bunch of hard-core, politically-correct, atheist, LGBT-cronies. Go Mattis!

    26. Reservist, enough said. I’m tired of giving blanket respect to vets, there are allot of dick weeds and jerks, as well as idiots I served with. This guy appears to be all three.

      • 5 of the 6 in the Iwo Jima statue were Reservists. Don’t paint with a broad brush. The modern Marine Corps could not function w/o the reserve component who receive the same training and meet the same requirements as the active component. Him being a reservist has nothing to do with him being a douchebag. Semper Fi. SgtMaj 1985-2015

    27. Just another Democrat toeing the Liberal line. He is using his Marine service to justify his spineless search for media coverage. There are jerks in every group and the military has a few also. The fact that he is a politician merely proves my point. He could not fallen any farther in his life then to go from proud Marine to Democrat politician. The fact that nobody really cares what this spineless loser says pretty much negates his 15 seconds of fame. Remember, he is Pelosi’s lackey and bound to be against all things Republican. The country is secondary to their socialist agenda. It’s a shame that the good folks of Arizona cannot do better than this loser and McCain.

    28. I have been a Marine for 20 years served proudly and have seen many in office dictate what I can and can not due. I find it odd that someone that has had a stellar career of leading the world’s finest into battle. He may be outspoken and very quick to speak his mind. However let us get this straight he cares about his Marines. No question. So when someone is nominated for his character and his performance that should be taken seriously.
      Rueben I know you may have been a reservist (which I think we should pull up your service knowledge and experience). I know you were probably disgusted when a suit that was wearing a collared shirt was telling you what to do you were not happy. I understand the waiver process so be it.
      However Rueben can you find someone out there that has walked a mile(S) in our shoes that can see what it is as a service member be what we need. No corporate suit can feel that or understand that. Ensure your decisions are just not just a personal reason let it be the right way. Then I ask one question who should be? Would it be you certainly your reserve duty time and your deployment experience could lead all the services from behind your warm and cozy desk. You truly disappoint me and that. Being in Arizona I am more disgusted because you make decisions for me here as well.

    29. I wonder if this guy had to get any waivers conducted to get into the military. Then his argument on waivers would be null and void

    30. Apparently this guy does not understand what he is able to do in Congress and needs to go back to middle school social studies class. The House of Representatives does not confirm cabinet appointments, the Senate does. Unfortunately for him, fortunately for us, he is a Congressman and not a Senator.

    31. People who served in the Military and then serve in the white house Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, Roosevelt, Taft, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush I and II Polk, Grant ,Jackson, Powel, Patraius(sp) Eisenhower, Panetta’s First Lieutenant: George Marshall (Five-Star General), Robert McNamara (Lieutenant Colonel), Louis Johnson (Captain), Caspar Weinberger (Captain), and Les Aspin (Captain). Gates, James Forrestral (1947-1949), Robert Lovett (1951-1953), Thomas Gates (1959-1961), Clark Clifford (1968-1969), Melvin Laird (1969-1973), Frank Carlucci (1987-1989), and Donald Rumsfeld (1975-1977, 2001-2006) Should I go on?

    32. This dude.

      He shouldn’t quote federal law when he turns away active duty military trying to file a complaint through his office.

      Yup that’s how congressman Gallegos sees his military.

      When that service member asked for help he told the service member to beat sand.

    33. It is obvious that his being a liberal progressive “minority” democrat trumps his wearing the Eagle,Globe and Anchor..then again he was a reservist who never saw action other than to be deployed according to the Corps.No doubt he is a hollyood marine, yes I choose “m” because his actions show him to be blue falcon…Chesty is rolling over in his grave.

    34. First of all he is a Democrat. 2nd of all he is an idiot. Pardon me for being redundant.
      I just really cant say what i want here cause as a former Marine and veteran it would be to profane. What was his MOS in the crotch???
      I bet it was in charge of teddy bears and safe places. What a loser. I live in AZ and am insulted. It reminds me of the Navy seal from Ma senate that is voting against the 2nd Amnt cause he thinks normal humans cant handle weapons as well as he can. WTF is wrong with these people?
      SEMPER-FI General Mattis.

    35. Pussy ass can’t cunt weekend Dick whistling ass licking shit for brain, dildo eating syphillis laden crack smoking motherfucker. He’ll oppose the waiver on what fucking grounds??? Goddam fucktard

    36. Some how I’m not making the connection.. if you join the military, retire you cannot participate in the government? You lose your citizenship for serving?

    37. LMAO.. oppose away.. while your at it.. please refer to the “nuclear option” brought to you by Harry Reid and the Democrat party.. and well sorry but your party made its bed.. now you have to sleep in it..

    38. This guy claims to be a marine and very well might have been but by his comments he didn’t learn anything about leadership or loyalty.

    39. As, a VN combat Marine. No matter how “misguided” Rep. Gallegos is he has a right to oppose Gen. Mattis nomination. I joined the Marine reserves in 1965, and then transferred to the regular Corps until 1969. He served in a reinforced rifle company in Iraq. And, deserves respect for that!


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