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Marine rescues three people from fiery crash


Marine rescues three from burning car

Update 1.12.16. 21-year old Marine Patrick Sammon had just finished working out at the L.A. Fitness on Miramar road when he made his way back to MCAS Miramar minutes before the crash, according to the San Diego Tribune.

Sammon saw the two vehicles collide on Kearny Villa road about 10:30pm, then one of the vehicles suddenly caught fire. Simmons ran over and pulled the first victim from the car to safety and went back to help the other two victims, according to San Diego fire Battalion Chief David Gerboth.


“Luckily he was here,” Gerboth said after the crash. “Certainly it could have been much worse if he wasn’t. He did an awesome thing today, for sure.”

Sammon, a 2.5 year Marine veteran, hails from New York and is a mechanic in the Marine Corps.


Three people are in the hospital this morning after a car they were in crashed with another and caught fire. This happened on Miramar Road near the Air Station, as reported by KGTV San Diego.

Firefighters say the victims were rescued from the car by a Marine who happened to see the whole thing while he was on his way back to the Air Station.

Firefighters say one victim has life threatening injuries, two are in serious condition. No word on the cause.

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