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Marine recruiters take down criminals robbing a jewelry store


Two suspects are in custody following a smash-and-grab that took place in California, only for Marine recruiters to put an end to the crime spree.

The incident took place on Tuesday in a Torrance-area mall, when four people wearing hoodies entered a jewelry store with hoodies and covered faces.

Getting to work, the criminals began smashing the glass with hammers and grabbing what they could.

When the bandits began to flee the scene, two were denied an escape after being tackled by US Marine Corps recruiters.

The two captured suspects, reported to be minors, were taken in by local police after Marines kept them pinned down until law enforcement could arrive.

“[It was] the Marines. The Marine Corps… They stepped up, they tackled them down,” one bystander told Fox LA. “Two got away, two got tackled down, and they stepped it up. That’s enough. Time to fight back.”

The Torrance Police later posted to Facebook, thanking the Marines for their swift response.

“Great work to all involved including Marine Corps Recruiting South Bay!” the post read.

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