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Marine recognized for rescuing Marine in a motorcycle crash

2nd Lt. Spenser Preston
2nd Lt. Preston was recognized for his quick response with immediate medical attention by providing lifesaving skills on another Marine. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Tyler Pender)

2nd Lt. Spenser Preston, a Ground Supply School student, was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal during a ceremony aboard Camp Johnson on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Dec. 8, 2017. Preston was awarded the medal for rescuing a Marine involved in a motorcycle accident, on Nov. 29.

“I was driving home from GSS class and I was waiting behind an F-150,” said Preston. “He turned into a gas station and he didn’t see the motorcycle and he smashed into it.” Preston then exited his vehicle to assess the situation.

“The motorcyclist was ejected from the bike and landed on the pavement,” said Preston. “He was bleeding pretty bad and blood was pooling on the deck, he had broken his left leg, left femur, left tibia and fibula and his foot.”

Due to his prior training, Preston knew he had to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

“I was in PT gear at the time and I didn’t have my tourniquet on me, so I looked around at the crowd and there was a fellow Marine to my right, and I said give me your MCMAP belt I’m going to use it as a tourniquet,” said Preston.

Preston’s quick thinking and make-shift tourniquet stopped the bleeding until emergency medical services could arrive.

“We were able to keep him out of shock and at the same time I was calling E.M.S. to let them know we had put a tourniquet on,” said Preston.

Preston received words of gratitude from the injured Marine as he was escorted away by paramedics.

“We stayed with him and on the way out he said thank you for all you’ve done,” said Preston.

The injured Marine is still currently undergoing medical care.

“He is in the hospital receiving the treatment he requires and is working towards recovery,” said Lt. Col. Taunja Menke, commanding officer, GSS, Marine Corps Combat Service Support School.

Menke presented Preston the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal during the ceremony.

“I am extremely proud of 2nd Lt. Preston and his actions on November 29, 2017,” said Menke. “He used the training he received as a volunteer firefighter and a United States Marine to help a person in need.”

The lifesaving training Marines receive can be applied both in and out of combat.

“Bad things happen to people every day on and off the battlefield,” said Menke. “Receiving this training and being able to react quickly in a difficult situation is a skill that every person would benefit by having.”

Story by Lance Cpl. Nathan Reyes

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