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Marine puts the last Sailor you should ever hit on “dream street”


A US Marine made a critical error when he decided to knock out a servicemember aboard a ship- he hit “Doc.”

The one-sided sucker-punch was caught on camera as an aggressive Marine, agitated with a Navy Corpsman, attempted to lure the mostly beloved healthcare provider into engaging in a less-than-friendly trial by combat.

Uninterested in fighting, the Corpsman walked away, only to be called a series of expletives by the Marine, who closed the distance.

When the Corpsman turned around, he was sucker-punched, and dropped to the deck, hitting his head against the table.

Out for a short while, the Corpsman was helped up and the offending Marine was tactfully removed from the scene.

While the Marine may have won the first round, it is generally considered to be in poor taste and unspeakable sin to harm a Navy Corpsman, as they are one of the most valuable members of any combat unit.

It is unknown what happened to the Marine after the incident, but whatever it was, it likely wasn’t very good.

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