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Marine MMA cagefighter Kruchten is looking to take gold-star lady to the ball

Gen. Carl E. Mundy Jr. funeral
(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alejandro Sierras/Released)

An Iraq war veteran and cagefighter, trying to start a new trend, by asking a very special someone — not a celebrity — to the upcoming Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

Shane KruchtenThe former lance corporal lost his date — his wife — due to a temporary medical issue. But being the amazing woman that she is, Shane Kruchten’s better half encouraged him to ask someone else …and not just anybody else.

He’d like to attend the ball with a “Gold Star” mother, daughter, or wife— whose loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November celebrates the founding of the combat unit in  Philadelphia 240 years ago.

Since this is an event celebrating  the Corps’ rich heritage, Kruchten said: “What better way to honor the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps heritage than to bring a family member of a Marine who sacrificed everything.”

Kruchten was inspired not only by his wife, but by the words of the sergeant major of the Marine Corps who urged Marines to stop inviting celebrities.

Ronda Rousey and Mila Kunis accepted online invites to past balls. Kruchten himself got into cage fighting eight years ago and now competes as a featherweight in the World Series of Fighting, according to Breitbart. He’s been out of action since a loss in 2014 broke an 11-fight winning streak.

He says his experiences in armed warfare in Iraq helped him tremendously in the MMA. He also loves the camaraderie of the sport– it reminds him of the USMC.

Kruchten came under fire during Operation Iraqi Freedom  and lost 19 friends from the  3rd Battalion, 5th Marines.  The 31-year-old Purple Heart recipient always makes every effort to honor his fallen brothers.

So, it was no surprise he took to the internet to make this YouTube video (below), to formally ask a Gold Star wife, mother or daughter to the ball.

He’s offering an all-expense paid trip to the lucky lady, and also encouraging all Marines– who don’t have dates– to follow suit. Want to be his date? Email him: Shane_Kruchten@yahoo.com

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