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Marine LTC who spoke against Afghan troop withdrawal released from the brig

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The defiant US Marine Lieutenant Colonel -who was tossed in the brig after violating a gag order following an announcement that he was leaving the Corps- has been released.

LTC Stu Scheller is being released Tuesday as part of a three-way agreement between himself, his defense counsel, the Commanding General and Training Command.

The O-5 became a viral symbol of defiance for many in the USMC and military communities after he criticized the US military’s alleged bungling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

US Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), was reportedly instrumental in helping with Scheller’s release, as well as US House Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

“Knowing he is from the district, I had an opportunity… a chance to speak with his family who reached out to me, and you know, I wanted to be a little bit consoling,” Wenstrup said. “I’m still a member of the military. I’m in the Army Reserves and there are certain things you can and can’t say. And you know, as I looked into this, he came out and said things like ‘I know that I’m going to be in trouble for this, but I need to speak up.’”

According to FOX19, Scheller’s family claimed he reportedly “snapped” when thirteen US servicemembers were killed in Kabul earlier this year.

The USMC has not released any further details concerning the lieutenant colonel’s release.

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