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Marine killed after going home to wrong house


Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson was walking home from a bar on Friday night and was just three blocks from his home when he made a grave mistake.

Nelsons’ sister said after drinking heavily at a local bar in SW Denver, her brother walked toward the wrong house and kicked in the door, thinking it was his.

He was shot and killed by the homeowner.

Danielle Krehbiel told the NY Daily News that Nelson was a 32-year old Marine vet – who served in Iraq and Afghanistan -and was most recently studying sports journalism in college.

The autopsy showed Nelson died of multiple gun-shot wounds.

The homeowner has not been charged in his death… he’s protected under  Colorado’s “Make My Day” law — which states you don’t have to warn intruders before you shoot, and you just have to show fear of harm, not death.

Despite the family’s heartache over this tragic loss, Nelson’s sister said they are offering forgiveness and as crazy as it sounds, she says, her brother would have understood.

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