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Marine in hot water for performing in uniform at Donald Trump rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with Marine Jason Perkins after he sang the National Anthem during a campaign stop Saturday in Birmingham, Ala. (AP)

A Marine veteran appeared front and center in uniform at a Donald Trump presidential campaign to sing the national anthem. He has since been contacted by military authorities to cease campaign activities in uniform.

Reservist Cpl. Jason Perkins, currently stationed with Combat Logistics Battalion 451 in Charlotte, North Carolina, performed at a campaign rally on November 21st. He donned his dress blue uniform and gave a resounding performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, as reported by Military.com

Problems arose when a video of the performance began circulating online. Several military service members and veterans were quick to note that the Marine was violating military regulations which prohibits troops from wearing uniforms to political events.

Marine Forces Reserve spokesman Capt. Andrew Chrestman relayed that Perkins has been contacted by the command.

“Cpl. Perkins is now aware that his conduct violated long-standing DoD policy,” Chrestman said in an email to Military.com “[He] has been informed of the appropriate ways to participate in the political process as a member of the Marine Corps.”

Guidelines are provided during boot camp and it’s well known that veterans are strictly prohibited in participating at political events while in uniform. Service members are allowed to participate, but must to so as private citizens in civilian attire.

Marine Forces Reserve posted about the incident on Facebook stating, “Marine Singing National Anthem At Political Event Violated Regulations || Per DoD Directive 1344.10, Marines may attend political events as a spectator when not in uniform, but may not wear the uniform during any political event.”

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  1. I’m a former Recon Marine and bled for the right to wear my uniform where ever the hell I damb please as long as it’s regulation. Lol. I’m not a Trump supporter but that’s nobody be complaining if it was for Hilary.

    • And the same regulations that you follow to wear the uniform you bled for are the same regulations that prohibit the wearing of the uniform at political events, no matter what politician you support!

  2. Jake, the uniform represents the people of this great nation! Not not a soilders political views, and my father fought in WWII and Korea knows better than this Marine! Our military is a voluntary force, and as such just like any job. Like Trump says if you have a problem with your employer leave and get another job.


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