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Marine general reprimanded for allegedly “devaluing” women in combat

U.S. Marine Forces Europe and Africa deputy commander, Brig. Gen. Norm Cooling, engages with 9th Mechanized Brigade commander, Brig. Gen Adrian Soci (left) and 1st Mechanized Brigade commander, Col. Gheorghita Vlad (right) at the Exercise Platinum Eagle Distinguished Visitors day, May 26, 2015 at Babadag Training Area, Romania.

The US Marine Corps has reprimanded a 1-star general accused of bullying subordinantes and being disrespectful to women.

Marine Brigadier General Norm Cooling, the current assistant deputy commandant of Plans, Policies and Operations, was originally relieved of his position as legislative assistant to the commandant in February of 2018.

During an Inspector General’s investigation, it was found that Cooling reportedly mistreated those below him, and often made disparaging remarks towards women. On the other hand, many considered him an “equal opportunity offender.”

From allegedly threatening to “castrate” a Marine for withholding information to using profanity, Cooling ruffled feathers amongst those under his command.

According to the Marine Corps Times, Cooling was also critical of women in combat roles, citing physical shortcomings compared to male Marines and reportedly saying that “men have had a difficult time adjusting to open combat roles because they can no longer refer to certain rifle parts as female body parts.” He reportedly went on to say that women make better secretaries and schedulers.

Cooling, a career infantryman, has denied or dismissed most claims.

“At no time during my seven months in the Office of Legislative Affairs, nor at any other time during my 33-year career, have I ever negatively singled out anyone for anything other than their job performance,” Cooling wrote in a statement. “I inadvertently offended some through random remarks that were taken in a different context than I intended. Additionally, there were statements attributed to me that I unequivocally did not make or were purposefully embellished.”

Despite this, Cooling has been formerly reprimanded.

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