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Marine for Life overhaul expected, providing more options for transitions


Join the US Marines Vintage Marine Corps posterEvery Marine who joins the Marine Corps eventually leaves, whether they serve four or 40 years.

The Marine for Life program recognizes this and stands by transitioning service members.

The goal of the Marine for Life program is to provide Marines with a network of options after they transition out of the Marine Corps. Those already familiar with the program should be aware of changes taking place.

In the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller’s FRAGO 01/2016, the program will be re-energized as a cradle-to-grave program, working with Marines from the start of their career until after they leave the service.

“We will be working with Marines from the time they enter the Marine Corps all the way until after their transition,” said Amy Taft, Marine for Life southeast regional coordinator. “We provide them resources to services, educational classes and anything else that can help them be more successful when they return back to the community.”

Throughout Marines’ careers, they will have access to various resources to help guide them plan for the future. Toward the end of their term, if they plan to leave the service, the program’s guidance with transition will increase.

“There will be touch points in the cycle where they will meet with their career planners and getting continuous information on finances, education opportunities, family planning and budgeting,” said Taft. “Somewhere around 180 days, the Marine will start focusing on their transition. They go to Transition Readiness Seminar, build a network on LinkedIn, look into options and opportunities while they get out; and really focus on civilian life.”

Wherever a Marine may go, Marine for Life is reaching out across the country to ensure transitions are successful.

“We are primarily concerned with creating a strong network in cities throughout the U.S. that meet educational, employment and other resource needs of Marines,” said Taft. “We are establishing network contacts and informing them of skills that every Marine has.”

Marines interested in utilizing the Marine for Life program are encouraged to engage early and speak with Marine for Life coordinators.

For more information, visit www.marineforlife.org.

Story by Cpl. Mark Watola

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