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Marine flies home for graduation, refused from ceremony because of uniform


Jacob Dalton Stanley

A high school student graduated early for the chance to become one of the few. He accomplished his mission and became a Marine, graduating from boot camp on Friday.

Jacob Dalton Stanley took his newly earned uniform with him on a flight home to Indiana to walk at his high-school graduation.

Stanley showed up to practice the ceremony with his classmates. There he was reportedly told by Crown Point high school Principal Chip Pettit that he would not be allowed to don his uniform at commencement.

He was encouraged by friends and family to show up in the uniform, so that’s just what the Marine did. Once officials spotted him in uniform, he was barred from the ceremonies, according to the The Times of Northwest Indiana. Even worse, they didn’t even read his name.

Many residents are upset that the school has acted in such a stark contrast to neighboring school, Hobert High, which is just 16 miles away. Newly graduated Marine Private 1st Class Ana Kritikos wore her uniform at her graduation ceremony on June 1st. She was told that the school and school board supported honoring her service even though she didn’t arrive in time to practice for the ceremony.

Principal Pettit made a statement to the local newspaper saying that honors should be represented by the appropriate stoles and cords on their gown.

“We have continued wearing the traditional gown as this is the last formal event of the year and a celebration of the time our graduating seniors have spent at Crown Point High School. This tradition is not intended to be disrespectful to students, parents, or our community, but as a source of pride for our students. It is also not intended to be disrespectful to our students choosing to serve in the military, our active duty servicemen and women and our veterans. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis for our freedom,” Pettit said.

Stanley declined to be interviewed however his classmates didn’t hold back.

Classmate Leann Tustison said the situation was “absolutely ridiculous. He’s in the military putting his life on the line for us,” she said.

“It’s unacceptable that he was not allowed to walk across the stage. If he wants to walk across the stage in his uniform that he worked so hard for and earned, he should have the right to do that. That’s his achievement. They honored other people’s achievements whether they were in triathlon or other activities,” she said.

“If his achievement is joining the armed forces, he should have been able to do that. The students were outraged. There were some students who were going to walk in solidarity with Jake. It was a disgrace,” Tustison said.

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  1. To the principal; BULLSHIT! You’re just one more in a growing number of dictator-like school “authorities” who revel in their so-called power to make decisions regardless of purpose/reason! Very sad!

    • I have been in the military for 8 years. This is not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. I actually question the Marine’s decision to wear the uniform. He was told not to by his superiors (school administration) ahead of time. If his military superior had told him to wear the proper uniform to a formation and he showed up in whatever he wanted he would be in massive trouble. The Uniform of the Day (UOD) for the formal graduation was Cap and Gown. Learn to follow orders Marine. And why is everyone else encouraging him to break rules that he was well aware of? Curious…

      • Sorry but you are off in left field, the school admin people are not his superiors….His superiors are anybody who is active duty, or reservist on active duty status as well as select members of congress, the senate and a few civilians assigned as secretaries of the armed forces. so your grandiose line of learn to follows orders is hollow and BS. BTW any “rule” that is not passed by a legislative body is not a law, there is a difference. you sound like one of those types that makes up rules and regs as you go due to your lack of actual knowledge, or just possibly because you do not like it.

      • I respect your point but people in the military are not given the proper respect and honor they deserve for their sacrifices. It would have hurt anything had they let him graduate in uniform, on the contrary he would have been applauded. I believe you never served. I am a chaplain who have buried and counseled service members so I know the sacrifices they have made so people can have peaceful graduations. Shame on the principle and this school. Now he will get the honor and recognition he deserves!

      • Completely agree with you. There is a time and place for a everything. That young man needs to learn respect, humility, decency. Most likely he will learn that in short order. The military doesn’t condone inappropriate behavior.

      • Ooh rah and amen… show up in the proper attire and demonstrate pride and professionalism. Respect the school and its traditions if you are proud to be a graduate. If not get them to email or better yet text your diploma to you. Is there some online correspondence boot camp now that doesn’t cover this stuff?

  2. I’m one of the most patriotic folks you probably ever meet in your life.
    With that said I agree with the school.
    Rules are rules and graduation you are to wear the appropriate cap and gown.
    But what’s different and I like it for other kids that do early enlistment and do boot camp during summer of Jr Sr year etc that have to wear cap and gown
    Is this school has special stoles and cords to go with cap and gown for that. So they do get to stand out.

    • I believe you are way way off base… at university graduations those in the military wear their uniforms. Why would a high school think its “rules” should be more exclusive. Maybe the faculty of the school should have to wear their robes also. This decision by the school was plain dumb and insulting – and served no positive purpose.

    • You might be patriotic, but uninformed… He is allowed like in ALL branches of service to wear the dress uniform at civilian functions of equal value. With the Army, all that is needed is the commander’s approval… He is a federal employee, and does not need to ask permission from a H.S. principal about what he wears come graduation day. I’m sure it is similar with the Marines, as they are even more fanatical.

    • There are no “rules and regulations” in favor of the caps and gowns. The principal cited “tradition”.
      I’m figuring he did that because there is no rule. Yet he felt he had to stop it, and didn’t want to get called out as a liar.
      How about a new tradition allowing those who graduate early to join the military to wear their uniform?!?

    • As a wife and mother of a Marine, Air Force, and Army sons, if this were my son, he would have worn his cap and gown to walk with his classmates for his High School graduation. You already graduated from Marine boot camp, the toughest thing you ever did!! Congrats!!! But you were a civilian in HS, and you should have honored your classmates by being a part of the class not an individual on your own. Team work in life.

      • The uniform of any active member of the US military is ALWAYS appropriate at ANY civilian function. Everyone who has ever served knows that. That’s why a dress uniform is considered formal wear at formal functions. I’m especially surprised and disappointed that those who claim to be former members of the military don’t know this – they must not have been very successful in the military to be so ignorant of this fact – which calls into question their claim of military service. This principal is flat out wrong and his anti-military sentiment is despicable.

    • I have to disagree with you as Mo said this is BULLSHIT . Rules can be broken in a case like this. Had I been a graduate of this school I would have walked out when they did not let him in. All of the graduates should have done this.

      • That’s what’s wrong with today’s “modern thinking”. Many people think they can do anyrhing they want. No rules. No respect. Be angry and abrasive about everything. Classless behavior. Near total breakdown of society…anarchy….anything goes….

        • What’s wrong today is people thinking other people’s opinions are rules when the aren’t. The principal did not say he broke any rules he only said he refused to allow him to wear his uniform because of tradition which tradition is not a rule or law. Most military branches prefer their recruits to wear their full uniform to all functions even non military.

    • I agree with you, and I’m sure if asked ahead of time his honors would have been mentioned to what I can only guess would have been a standing ovation but instead his parents and friends all encourage him to break the rules and he does now everyone is mad. I’m sure he didn’t graduate basic by doing his own thing and not following the rules, I know I didn’t back in 87

  3. ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER DID WAS BEING A MARINE 1968/1972. when pussies like this they better pray they never did help!

    • Being a marine isn;t a good thing if people come out like you. A marine will do their job and help those who need it regardless of if the person is liked by the warrior or not. You’re a punk ass bitchboi, not a warrior. Semper fi you fucking dickshit.

  4. If it were a black gay transexual female Liberal holding a severed head it would be totally acceptable in today’s screwed up society but not anyone in military uniform!!!

    • As a retired USMC officer who grew up, attended school & served while stationed in IN as a USMC recruiter, I also find denying this Marine the opportunity to walk with his classmates UNACCEPTABLE & DISRESPECTFUL to ALL of us who have earned the prestigious EGA! However, as someone who also happens to be African American, I think your discriptor example is misplaced & disrespectful as well! I & MANY that look like me have served with honor & distinction! BTW, times have changed & all the U.S. military services allow gay & transgender individuals serve. For the USMC, the standard is going through the process to earn the title “Marine”! For those who successfully do this, it matters not their ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion! The disrespectful act of this high school is wrong on its own merit & shouldn’t be tainted by “agenda based” commentary.

    • You have described exactly what has happened in our nation over my 70 years; there are more and more people in positions of leadership who have NO RESPECT for the sacrifices of we military men and women. It is absolutely true that the men and women in our armed forces have earned the right to wear the uniform of our United States Military to ANY public gathering; FAR more so than some of the people you list in your comment. The school leader who made this decision should be fired, immediately! and shamed out of further participation in the education of our American youth!

    • Exclude the black. You know they wouldn’t give blacks any rights to anything.. and being black is not the same discrimination as being gay.. Blacks had no choice of their color when born but gays choose their lifestyle..

  5. How do people such as Principal Pettit keep a job in the USA? They have their head stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. Principal Pettit
    has probably never served in the United States Marines much-less the BSA. Marines are Proud of their uniform which they worked so hard to
    earn. Principal Pettit should stay in his ivory tower hiding while PFC Jacob Dalton Stanley risked his life for this coward who cannot make a logical decision in favor of our Armed Forces. Being a Marine I would have done the same the PFC Jacob Dalton Stanley did and tell girly-man
    Pettitt to go to Hell AND TAKE HIS UN-AMERICAN ATTITUDE WITH HIM. Semper Fi PFC Jacob Dalton Stanley. May God protect you because surely AO Pettit will be hiding in a little girls playroom crying and asking for PFC Jacob Dalton Stanley’s help.

    • All servicemen who showed up in the gown were given a red white and blue cord and had their names read with their rank to honor their service. I know because I was at the graduation.

      Stanley had been told prior to graduation that he would have to wear the cap and gown. He didn’t follow the rules and got barred, like any normal person would.

  6. Well…. they did tell him not to wear his blues and as a Marine he is certainly familiar with the concepts of uniformity, tradition, and lawful orders. He’ll get over it.

    • Well, unfortunately for the school. He is a government employee, and like the Army, as long as he had permission from his chain of command, and it said that he is allowed per regulation to wear dress uniform to social event equivalents, the school has NO say unless there is a specific dress code in place. Merely saying, “Uh, you’re not allowed!” based on him wearing the uniform is brushing a broad stroke of discrimination for ANYONE wearing a uniform.

      • …there is a specific dress code in place. The cap and gown given to all graduates.

        Another member of the armed forces graduated during the ceremony. PFC Adam Backowitz. He wore the cap and gown, got recognized by rank, and was a perfect example of what should have happened. I know this because I was there.

        I say this as a civilian, so I don’t have any military experience. However, procedure is procedure. Jacob was told not to wear his uniform, did it anyway, and got barred. That’s no ones fault but his own.

  7. This is beyond tragic and disgusting. His uniform has been earned with hard work and many sacrifices. His. Look on the line for your freedom. What the hell were you thinking.

  8. Only in snowflake and BUTTHURT America, can can a student be excluded from his graduation ceremony because he has his MARINE Uniform on.
    Smdh at the stupidity of this school and it’s SHAMEFUL administration who clearly hasn’t a clue of what’s really important.

  9. Every person in that decision tree should be fired immediately and should never be permitted to work in education again!

  10. That is totl bullshit. That school should have been proud of this Marine. Went too that school studied to earn a spot in the military? Wow how disrespectfull. That school should b ashamed of themselves. That young man deserved to show up in hisvdress code. He is a Marine and has the right to honour that uniform anywhere he wants to. He is showing pride for country and duty. I wrote my exams when i was 16 sworn in the military two weeks before my 17th birthday on my 17 birthday i left for basic traing. I wear or did wear it everywhere i was proud of it. I would demand them tonsay imnsorry in a personnal letter.

  11. Someone should take that principal behind the wood shed and kick the living shit out of him. He’s a disgrace to his students, the school, the Marine Corps.and America. What a sack of shit…

  12. I am a retired Marine of 27 years and I agree with the principal! Why? One the Marine should know better! Wearing a required cap and gown in order to walk for commencement would be not only against Marine Corps Order it simply looks stupid! I watched this happen in Jacksonville NC and the kid looked like a flipping idiot! Besides the fact the kid barely earned the title and is a basically trained Marine and his uniform has no business at a High School graduation – My opinion is based on the fact of a Marine Corps Order and the fact that the Marine who would try to wear a cap and gown over his uniform should be reprimanded for desecrating the uniform. Good on the high school principal for doing what he did!

    • I agree Mr. Harlan and thank you for your service. The high school graduation WAS NOT a Marine function and wearing the uniform was inappropriate for the occasion. I was in the Army and you did not wear your uniform, any uniform (fatigues, dress, etc) off base unless it was an official military function. The high school graduation was not a Marine function. I salute PFC Stanley for being in the Marines, but the school was right for their decision. This may be hard for civilians to comprehend but it is military orders.

  13. Another liberal showing that they do not want the Military to get Any type of attention that may have more young minds thinking about joining the Services. On the other hand who is the first person they want to “go do your job and get those bad guys”. While they sit on their fat backsides and tell everybody what to do and how it should be done, because everybody knows “They’re the expert on Everthing”,on everything.

    • I went to Crown Point High. Indiana is a very red state and although Crown Point is in one of a few counties that’s blue, the city itself is very red so it was not a liberal decision.

  14. Ooooorrraahhhh SEMPER FI MARINE. You now are in the ***BROTHERHOOD OF THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS*** and BROTHER you are ALOT STRONGER than your ADVERSARIES and will be for the **REST OF YOUR LIFE** 0311 1964–1970, COMBAT MARINE R.V.N. OOOOORRRAAHHHH

  15. I notice there “were” some students that “were”going to walk with him… but attended the ceremony without him ? That’s where the problem is and it reflects the values the school is indoctrinating students with.,,

  16. Anti-military sentiment is proliferating in schools all over the country, and nowhere is it more in evidence than in the small mindedness of Principal Pettit. What a load of manure he gave to the press in “defense” of his stance against the USMC. No, he does NOT support the military or is in any way appreciative of their sacrifice for HIS freedom.
    Odd, his surname, “Pettit”, is very similar to the French word, “petit”, meaning small. Just a small-town, small minded tyrant, a big fish in a very tiny pond.

  17. Shame on you for not allowing this young man to walk across the stage with his fellow students to receive his Hogh School diploma even though he was wearing his Military uniform instead of the standard graduation gown. I know it’s hard to make exceptions for one person but it’s an honor and sacrifice to wear this Military uniform and his fellow students had no problem with it. God Bless him and keep him safe as he returns to the Military ?❤️??

    • Nah, the principle was in the right. It’s a high school graduation, not a military ceremony. Just because you are in the Military doesn’t grant you special privileges. Quit acting like this guy just came off acting duty defusing bombs and shit or the guys over there are dying by the hundreds of thousands like in World War 2 or Vietnam. Dude just got out of Boot Camp lol. If you go to your High School graduation, you wear a cap and gown like everyone else. Just because you are military doesn’t mean you are better than anyone else and it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

  18. I think the principal’s comment was respectful and just. Considered Stanley just graduated boot camp, he should know what uniform means. Uniform means all standard, all together. Without that, it’s just a shiny suit. It’s the time to honor the high school graduation, not his service. I know it’s cold to say, but I don’t believe there was anything wrong with what happened.

  19. Mr. Pettit should be ashamed of himself. He should be removed as principal of that high school. He insulted, and disrespected the veterans of that community, and the entire country by doing this. He also hurt and disappointed a young man that earned a high school diploma from Grown Point High School. The entire school staff, the school board, and the parents of the young folks going to that school should demand Chip Pettit’s dismissal.

  20. On the other hand, he was told not to wear his uniform by school authorities but he chose to do so anyway. There are lots of ways to serve your country; the military isn’t the only way.

  21. Such total bs. My Father was princpal at Crown Point for ten years and this would not have happened on his watch. So snowflakes are moving to Crownpoint.

  22. Very Sad That This Young Man Could Not Be Honored For His Education And The Service He’s Giving His Country, How Could You Have A Heart To Say “NO”, You Don’t, Such A Shame!

  23. Where was the school board? They can trump all principal decisions!!
    Where was the “Stand the F up and refuse to participate from every other student?

  24. What in the hell is wrong with you people….you assholes refused one of the few…the Proud. …a forever Marine……the love I have for this Marine will not be overshadowed by the hate I have you school officials..
    Kiss my ass you stupid bastards..

  25. What in the hell is wrong with you people….you assholes refused one of the few…the Proud. …a forever Marine……the love I have for this Marine will not be overshadowed by the hate I have you school officials..

  26. Read the above I agree it’s total bullshit I’m a vet and for this bastard to deny this Marine the privilege of graduating with his class in his blues is a disgrace this silly twat needs to go they boot camp himself to see or learn what it takes to gain the right to bea United States Marine only then willl this twat have some appreciation of what it takes to be one of the few and the best. Congratulations Marine —–hooorah

  27. Principal Pettit is a total ass. Totally disrespected the military, the Marine Corps, and one of his graduating students. He should be fired.

  28. this is un-American and should not be tolerated here in the United States. This kid should be honored not shunned this principal or whoever barred him should be fired immediately. Disgraceful

  29. That’s one of the things that is ruining this country is schools not teaching respect. I bet if it had been a muslim, they’d been allowed to wear what ever they wanted. At least his classmates stood up for him.

    • Except, the respectful thing to do for this young Marine would be to listen to the person of authority, the principal, and wear the cap and gown. If he wears his dress blues, he is detracting from the other students being honored for their hard work. This was a high school graduation, and it was not the place for him to brag. Why else would he be wearing it? He wanted to feel special. As a Marine myself, first thing to learn in boot camp is to follow orders. Principal says no, but mommy and friends say do it anyway. What happens when he gets to the fleet and he gets denied leave, but mommy and friends say I think you should come home, and he disobeys? AWOL. And that can go for any number of things. Who cares what your friends and family think? If it is against policy or rules, then it is against policy or rules. This was very disrespectful. Marines are supposed to be team players, and this jackass was only thinking about himself.

  30. The parents of the students of the graduating class, as well as all other students, need to demand the removal of that principal for acting in such a dishonorable manner. Further, It is unlawful for any member of our military to wear ANY uniform OTHER than that which is ISSUED them by said Military, and the graduation robe and cap IS a Uniform.

    • That’s what’s wrong with today’s “modern thinking”. Many people think they can do anyrhing they want. No rules. No respect. Be angry and abrasive about everything. Classless behavior. Near total breakdown of society…anarchy….anything goes….

    • This pompous, ivory tower person calling himself “professor” obviously has not been in the US military and knows nothing about what he speaks …… military regulations, and requirements
      I suspect that is true concerning many other matters.

  31. This school principal is nothing more than an ego driven dictator lets hope that a Marine group Seals for instance pay him a visit and teach him PROPER respect for the uniform he is too little to ever wear.

  32. This young man should have been honored by the school. To walk across that stage to receive his diploma. KARMA will bite this so called principal in the buttock.

  33. Those who deny someone the opportunity to wear their military uniform should be deported to some 3rd world shit-hole until they remember that they are USA citizens and OWE a huge debt of gratitude to those who choose to serve in the military.

  34. This is total horse manure. I think a whole bunch of Marine’s should show up in that “Principles” office and teach that jack-ass about God, Country, and Respect! I believe a redo with that graduation is in order.

  35. The uniform of the day was Cap and Gown. I can understand your are proud of the USMC Uniform but first and foremost it was a school gradustion.

  36. I whole-heartedly agree, plain bullshit!! That Principal should have have his head checked!! What a sign of disrespect! Jacob Stanley had gone through boot camp and was a Marine in every sense of the word, willing to put his life on the line for Pettit, his classmates and his country! He should’ve been allowed to proudly display his uniform and everything it stands for!!
    Signed, a Marine mother!!!

  37. As the mother of a Marine, and I retired teacher, I say the young man should have been asked to replace his cover with his mortarboard, and wear his gown over his dress blues. Show a little respect for a young man willing to lay down his life for us.

  38. As stated on FB, Veterans should wear their uniforms, carry the American flag, and hold a silent protest just off school property on grad. night

  39. I just wonder if they get any federal funding from the Federal government at all if they do they should be strip from it,that was B.S. what they did to that Marine that should not of happened to any military service person. This principle ,and that district of that school should get booted in the ass.

  40. The Director of this high school dnt have a clue of the sacrifice that this young marine is doing to protect the way of life that he or she is living in….As a so call leader of an High School you should be proud of seeing young people joining the arm forces to the protection of our country and our way of life…And to the staff of this school u should take ur heads of ur asses and instead of being scare of the Director make a difference and change the mind of an ignorant and hard headed so call Educator……..

  41. To the Marine,
    You did not learn how to follow orders during boot?
    You were told you could not wear your uniform and you chose to disregard that….try that at your station….
    Bad Marine….do push ups until I get tired!

    • Wearing his uniform during graduation in my eyes is not a big deal. He just completed boot camp, he was showing pride in his accomplishment. To make a big deal out of nothing is ridiculous

    • I have a feeling this Marine will be labeled a shitbird before he even gets to his first duty station. Prepare to get messed with special baby!

  42. And these are the idiots teaching your children..It should be illegal for anyone to bar or discriminate against anyone wearing a uniform that represents our military who have volunteered to protect your pitiful asses!!

  43. To School Board, Principle, and other: You should be ashamed of yourselves. This student has chosen to honor your school and city. You should show him the respect he deserves. As a school principal you suck. To the young Marine I’m so sorry for their stupidity. I am a veteran and salute you for your service.

  44. Get Real People. Just Another Glowing example of Political Correctness OVER Common Sense.
    Instead of shunning him, they should have had a special recognition FOR him.
    This, ladies and gentleman, is why Donald Trump ( love him or hate him ) is IN the White House!!!
    If you can’t support OUR military, Please just go crawl under your rock and stay there!

  45. Principal Pettit is a disgrace to the school system, the community, the state, the U.S., and to his own family. This young man has gone above and beyond those who, though their achievements are outstanding, all who graduate. I would fell ashamed to even call myself a graduate of this school. I, myself returned to my school in 1969 after serving in Vietnam to graduate with my class. I walked across the stage to receive my diploma IN UNIFORM. I am grateful to my school and home town which recognized my service in a time that we, who served with honor and distinction, were found in contempt by so many in our own country.

  46. The school should be proud of every student and not shun a student that has accomplished everything that is required for graduation. Must have been a very good student because I see the PFC stripes on his dress blue uniform. There are not very many Marines that leave boot camp as a PFC. Congratulations and Semper Fi my Brother

  47. To the Dictatorship of that poor school, you should be embarrassed and ashamed for your actions. Not only did you disrespect that young mans achiements but you disrespected the United States Marine Corps. You have placed a Black Mark on your School’s name and it’s legacy. There is no excuse or lame reason that you can state that can erase your poor, pathetic excuse of poor, weak minded leadership. SGT. James Contestabile, fmr. US Army.

  48. This Marine completed the prescribed courses to attain his diploma at least 9 weeks ahead of schedule. That makes him above average. The training he received during the next 9 weeks will serve him for the rest of his life. He has already achieved, and committed himself to service to his country, his community and himself. Semper Fi Marine. If you need the validation of the walk across the stage as a High School Grad, I think you missed an important lesson. The Honor of earning the right to wear that dress blue uniform carries a much higher level of honor than that cap and gown. Thank you, young man for your service.

  49. This is absolutely ridiculous! I am CPHS alumi and am so ashamed of how he was treated. He earned that uniform. He should have been honored and regignized for graduating early and for graduating boot camp! He is an example we can only hope the rest of our graduates have. I am so disappointed in the the principal’s decision –you failed sir!


  51. I’m a Navy and National Guard vet and now a teacher in charge of my school’s graduation ceremony and hate to take the middle road here, but the Marine simply should have remembered the respect for authority he learned in boot camp, worn the uniform under his gown, and replaced the grad hat with his uniform cover with the tassel hanging from that.

    On the other hand the principal needed to remember whose day it was and come up with a solution.

    Finally, unless the regs have changed, Marines aren’t supposed to be covered inside or wear non-approved head gear while in uniform. So perhaps the principal was simply trying to keep the new Marine in compliance (yes, the last was sarcasm).

    • I do have to admit that we, (from my six 2nd great-grandfathers to my grandson) served and fought, shed tears and blood for everyone’s rights. Even for the right of this principle to be the ultimate idiot and disrespectful of this young Marine’s accomplishments. By the way Graybob, you are not walking the middle of the road, but in the gutter with the mud.

  52. What kind of traitorous POS bars a United States Service Member from school property for wearing a uniform?? If he refused to leave, would they have called police in uniform to arrest him?? If the snowflakes are too fragile to see a military uniform, a police uniform would probably make them go insane.


    • …if he had attended in his cap and gown, he would have been honored wiht a special cord around his gown like the other active servicemen at the graduation were.

  54. I KNOW my comment is going to cause an argument, but I believe the school is correct. The young man graduated early, therefore was no longer a student in the high school. They agreed to let him walk, but he has to don the garment of the other graduates. When he graduated from boot camp, he wore what was the appropriate uniform, and therefore, should also respect the “high school graduation” uniform. I DO admire and respect this young man for the choice he made to enlist, but dress blues are not meant to wear under a cap and gown.

  55. I support the US military and our service members. But regardless of what we believe about this guy’s service, the fact remains that he was instructed to not wear his uniform to his graduation. It’s the rules. If he wanted to walk across stage, he should have followed the rules. He used the uniform to “prove a point” that he should be allowed to break the rules. That’s not being a proud patriot. That’s “special snowflake attitude.” That’s being selfish and childish.

  56. It’s a school graduation. Just because you are in the Military doesn’t grant you special privileges above anybody else. I’m tired of everybody acting like guys are in the trenches dying by the hundreds of thousands like it’s World War 2. “This guy is risking his life” LOL, he just got out of boot camp.

  57. Retired USA – While I understand the Marine’s pride, the uniform for this affair was cap and gown…period.

    Well done Mr. Principal.

  58. How in the world can anyone expect him to follow orders on a battlefield if he’s too stupid to follow basic instructions on how to dress for graduation? What a dumbass!

  59. I guess following orders wasn’t included in his basic training. This guy has no future in the Marines.

  60. Obviously the Marine missed the lecture on following orders in boot camp. Hopefully he learns to before he is confronted with a life or death situation. I side with the Principal’s decision.

  61. Time for a new revolution, this liberal globalist BS is getting out of hand, and liberal in every facet of education, and.government are wielding what very little power they have left. Because they are sore sport losers. Any offended by any of our men and women in uniform should even be here, and no matter what they think they, they are not American.

  62. I think that the school was completely wrong, they should of let the man walk across the stage, in his uniform, he did graduate from boot camp and it wasn’t a hood, it was a government uniform of the United States, of our government.

  63. Had I been there, I would have disrupted the start of the graduation ceremony and asked all Veterans to join me in escorting the principal out of the building, and barred from re entering. The Marine would have received a station ovation when he crossed the stage.

  64. Agree completely, if it wasn’t for staying and fighting to try to make life better for my children and grandchildren I would be out of the USA. When I see people disrespecting police officers, our military, our laws. When I see Mayors giving priority to illegals coming in with drugs, and Muslim terriorist KNOWN to our government with their major priority is to kill American. I think Americans and there stupidity of what is going on deserve what is coming to them.
    Use to if a student had done his military and finished high school at the same time he would have set on stage in uniform with the Administration and given the opportunity to lead the pledge of alleigence. And been the first handed his diploma dressed in his uniform. Americans deserve what they have coming.

  65. While I never served in the US Military, both my parents served stateside in the Second World War US Army. I understand the commitment of any member of our military, and I feel this principal messed up by 1) not allowing the Marine to wear the uniform, and 2) not even mentioning his name as a graduate.

  66. If he ever needs a reason to “know why he’s fighting…”

    No wonder there is an increasing disconnect between the military and the civilian populace.

  67. Uniform of the day, there is an appropriate time and place, sorry I’m a Vet, I even had my own Graduation for High School after Graduating from Basic, I didn’t go wearing my Blues like a Boot, if anything the Corps and US Army have no policy on School Graduations in the Uniform Codes, should be up to the school, and honestly way I see it his Cap and Gown is the Uniform of the Day, he shoukd stop being a boot and save it for prom. Same as the 4 other idiots pulling this stunt in the past few days. That’s what I did, but nope, boots want attention now… all this is is just attention seeking and everyone plays into it…

    This article is from the same High School I graduated from in 2002, now 15 years later boots cry about it and goto the news… time to pull up your big boy panties, grow up, and move on, you have plenty of time to put your uniform on for proper occasions… all of this is just for attention.


  68. Principal should be fired! What an honor to have this young marine walk the stage in uniform to get his diploma, wow, unbelievable! What has happened in this country??

  69. This ignorant school principal should be relieved of his duties immediately for disrespecting the uniform of a branch of the U.S. military that is responsible for his ability to live in the greatest country in the world. This man is obviously impressed with his own importance and pitiful little sphere of power. I wish he could be summarily whisked off to Parris Island and be submitted to what this young patriot just experienced. It’s doubtful he’d have what it takes to make it to that graduation. To this school principal and any others involved in this preposterous decision, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU! It’s people like you and decisions like this that are undermining the very fabric of our Nation. To this young Marine — Semper Fi! You are a credit to your family, your town, your high school and our great nation.

  70. As a Marine myself, I do understand where the principal was coming from. It is a huge achievement to be able to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, but, him wearing his Marine Corp uniform puts too much of a focus on the Marine and overshadows the accomplishments of everyone else in the graduating class. As a Marine, we knew that we had different uniforms for different occasions. The dress for a graduation is a cap and gown. I’m sure there would have been an announcement that was made, to show him honor, when they called his name. Being a Marine does not mean we get to change tradition. As a Marine, we understand that tradition means everything…

  71. As a veteran of more than 20 years of military service, I must agree with the school policy. The young Marine deserves all due respect; however, the military does not expect it’s members to disrespect the tradition of the wearing of the cap and gown for graduation honors. The marine corp and all branches are proud of the educational accomplishments that make it’s people better service members and citizans. This young man could have shown his pride in uniform after the graduation ceremonies.

    John L Hurst
    Smart, I SAY (Retired)

  72. A slightly different perspective to consider. A soldier is taught to obey rules and authority. Knowing the rules of the school – all graduates wear robes – he decides to ignore authority and do what he wants. You may disagree with the school rules. But isn’t the issue here a student who wants to do what he wants? Let’s not let a uniform (or anything else) blind us to the facts of the story… anyone demanding special treatment is in the wrong.

  73. Privatized school system based on Judeo Christian principles would be the answer . USMC’s discipline as well as that of the rest our armed forces is the same . We have gone from tolerant secularism to closet communism , not all , but far too many . What is worse is that these slugs have power over decent Americans .

  74. Principal Pettit erred in not allowing PFC Stanley walk in his Marine Corps’ uniform during his high school graduation. Obviously, Mr. Pettit does not have a clue about what the word “Patriotism” really means. His decision reflects his total bias towards those who put their lives on the line serving in the armed forces, in time of war no less, to preserve our liberty, way of government, and all those things we hold very dear. Besides being reprimanded, he should definitely be summarily fired by his school board. PFC Stanley earned his right to graduate and his right to wear his Marine Corps uniform. His willingness to wear his uniform at his high school graduation was an act of pride and love for his country, something Mr. Pettit definitely lacks. I took and taught R.O.T.C. in college and, while the rest of the graduates walked wearing their caps and gowns, all the R.O.T.C. graduates always wore their military uniform. If that occurred at the university level, why not at the high school level?An educator has both the professional and moral responsibility to instill in his students a high sense of patriotism, in addition to all the other things that will contribute to making those students productive members of their community. Needless today, Mr. Pettit miserably failed in accomplishing that fundamental responsibility; and, therefore, should be fired forewith. Enough said!!!

  75. He was informed ahead of time that traditional cap and gown were required. He was not banned from graduating, he was not allowed to participate if he didn’t follow the dress code. – He cannot wear his dress blues into combat, he cannot wear his fatigues to the Marines ball. It is a dress code he CHOSE not to follow knowing the consequences.

  76. This is bullshit and you know it. The truth is this Marine could not follow orders and rules from the school. 9 other military graduates complied and we’re honored. The cap and gown is traditional dress for high school graduation…when you are told No, it’s not a green light to disrepect an entire graduating class. Shame on you, Jake Stanley and family for thinking that your post high School career has more meaning than the accomplishments of an entire graduating class.

  77. As a citizen of these great united states of AMERICA I AM ASHAMED of my fellow citizens. American military has always given their all to allow the rest to train better. Where did the respect for OUR country’s military go? THE SHAME of this isn’t just with this principal but with all of us!!!! We have LET OUR GUARD down and now the rich gussies have control of everything. NO more respect for anything respectful!!!!! People of AMERICA it is way PAST time to hold our people accountable for their disrespectful displays against American beliefs. Do not tell me we can’t cause as a MARINE I KNOW we C. A. N. LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL AMERICANS!!!! To the people who disrespected my brother, quit or our brothers and sisters will show how disrespect feels. Honor our country at all times and i guarantee our military will respect you and DIE for us all if needed. To those who come here for a better life honestly WELCOME TO YOUR AMERICA!!! Fight for those freedoms as they cost DEARLY. TO THOSE others, here illegally you ARE A CRIMINAL!!!! We AMERICANS DO NOT WANT YOU!!! Go back and EARN THE RIGHT to be here just like the respected foreigners to our country have. They no longer are strangers bretheren of all AMERICANS!!! It isn’t that we don’t like you but simply we can’t afford to raise you without your help( taxes). Sorry but truth hurts. The type of disrespect my young brother received is akin to TREASON IN MY BOOK! I LOVE you AMERICA!!! Simper Fi brothers and SISTERS of AMERICA. QUIT hurting our FLAG!!!

  78. Typo: HOBART High school.

    He should have been allowed to wear the uniform. HE EARNED IT!

    That pantywaist PC principal probably couldn’t even meet the entrance physical minimum.

  79. I am a veteran and no one is any more proud of that than I am. Having said that, the Marine was wrong! He should have learned to follow orders in basic training. The cap and gown was the order of dress for the day. He was there to celebrate his graduation. When he graduated from basic, he wore his uniform to celebrate that accomplishment. Pretty sure if he showed up in his cap and gown, he would have been told he could not wear them.

  80. This Marine wanted to wear his uniform INSTEAD of the cap and gown, not under it. He could have worn the uniform under the cap and gown, just like a civilian would wear a suit under the cap and gown, and he could have carried his uniform hat, to be donned after the traditional graduation cap toss.

    He chose to break the rules.

    The Uniform of the Day was cap and gown, with appropriate attire underneath. He chose to defy that just because he wanted to. Try that in the military. Let me know how that works out for you.

  81. Lemme guess, this principal never served a day in the armed forces. No, he obviously laid on his peter and let others like this Marine do his fighting, bleeding, and dieing for him. Absolutely disgraceful! And, if the local community, newspaper, and school board allows this to stand……..they are equally a DISGRACE! Sgt USMC 67-71.

  82. It’s interesting to me how just plain rude and disrespectful we become to each other as we hide behind the far reach and anonymity of the internet. Names start flying at the least amount of disagreement. Ok. Lecture over. I’ll just leave it at this. This lad has chosen a career in one of the most rigid and stringent institutions in the military. It requires absolute obedience to rank and rules. And yet, he chose to deliberately break rules, whether he likes them or not, at his first opportunity. This does not bode well

  83. Good job principal. Everyone should have on the same thing. Not an entirely different then everyone else. Like he wanted to be extra special on a special day already. For everyone. He could of worn it after he walked. They even told him before and he didn’t fallow the rules. Not very distinguished :(. and to bring in the neighboring school. Haha what a joke to try and make others see your way. Sorry I am all for freedom but not for showboating on a day ment for all equally.

  84. The Marine made a poor choice. He was told he wasn’t allowed to wear his uniform for the ceremony. Those that keep saying well he’s a federal employee and doesn’t have to abide by civilian rules are way off base. Just because you’re in the Military doesn’t give you a free pass. For my son’s graduation they laid out the dress code and all were informed. If you showed up in anything different you wouldn’t be allowed to walk. Sounds easy enough to me to follow. As a Marine myself, I would have shaken my head if he was sitting in the middle of all the cap and gowns standing out. That would also take away from the accomplishments of the other students who worked hard to get where they are. I don’t know if they did it at that school but my son’s they had those that chose the military to stand up and they were applauded and even had a moment for all active/veterans to be acknowledged. By his action, he will never be able to get the moment back. It’s sad for him and his family that they thought this was a good decision.

  85. As a Marine… I actually support the school on this one. Marines, if anyone, should know that there are proper uniforms for various functions. The UOD (Uniform of the Day) for the graduation was slacks, shirt and tie to be worn under the cap and gown.

    The school’s actions were not an affront to the military or the Marine Corps. There are standards and expectations that must be followed; although the Marine Corps Dress Blue [Bravo] uniform is quite stunning… it was not appropriate for the event. If the young Marine knew anything about MCO P1020.34G (The Uniform Regulations), he would have known that he was out of uniform.

    Leave it to the news media [and overly-patriotic Internet Commandos] to sensationalize something that actually went down the right way. Do I think it sucks that the kid didn’t get to walk and had his name omitted? Yes, but he was the master of his own destiny and he thought he’d score points by coming in his uniform and it bit him in the ass.

    Furthermore, Paragraph 1005(e) of MCO 1020.34G states –

    “No part of a prescribed uniform, except those items not exclusively military in character, will be worn with civilian clothing.”

    That means you cannot wear the uniform (even if ‘normally’ appropriate for leave/liberty) under [or with] any other garment, i.e., a cap and gown; you cannot mix/match civilian attire with military uniforms – so you are not allowed to wear a uniform under the gown while wearing a civilian mortarboard (cap). Further, caps/covers/hats are not worn indoors and unless that Marine Boot was “under arms” or wearing a duty belt.

    The only uniform item that can be worn with civilian attire (called out specifically later in the order) is the AWC (All Weather Coat); without rank insignia affixed.

    #WhoseBootIsThis #CashSales

  86. Most public educators are leftists and leftists hate our military and view them as baby killers and war criminals supporting a corrupt capitalistic county (the USA)


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