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Marine executed less than a month after returning home from service

Sam Makundu (Facebook)

A Pennsylvania Marine veteran was murdered in Philadelphia last month, reportedly shot in the face and chest by an unidentified gunman.

Beatrice Makundu said her son, 24-year-old Sam Makundu was a brave young man who joined the US Marines to serve his country, even if it meant laying down his own life.

“To die for this country,” she said. “But not to die on a Philadelphia street.”

The Marine had just returned to his hometown from Active Duty service in Louisiana in March and had secured as a security guard.  According to Aaron Baskerville, a reporter at NBC10, he was all set to attend Temple University as well.

However, that all changed around 3:20 AM on April 22, when he left a local lounge, holding a woman’s hand when the gunman opened fire.

Surveillance video from the scene shows a woman rooting through his clothing after he was killed, searching for his phone.

Makundu’s father, Steven Makundu, believes his son was set up and walked right into an ambush.

“I think the killing of Sam was not done by one person,” Steven Makundu said. “It was a well, pre-planned plot. They knew it.”

According to NBC10, police are working to determine if the woman Makundu left the night club with was the same that pilfered from his body.

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