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Marine in dress blues collecting toys chases down shoplifting suspect


It all unfolded at a Texas Walmart. A Marine was collecting toys on behalf of the Toys for Tots organization, decked out in his dress blues.

The Marine was Gunnery Sergeant Nathan Hanson. He noticed a man running away from the Plano Walmart and took chase, running down the suspected shoplifter through traffic.

A fellow volunteer and Marine snapped the picture where it was shared on Facebook.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine,” said Alisia Dunning. “It’s our duty to take care of those that are in need. Even though Walmart is not necessarily a person, no one deserves to be stolen from,” reports NBC5.

Hanson didn’t know the police were nearby but kept after the man until a Plano patrol car turned in their direction. The suspect saw the police and gave up.

“He realized he couldn’t get away, and at that point he slowed down and stopped and said, ‘I give up, I’m sorry,'” Hanson said. “He got down, and I just waited there until the Plano Police Department came over.”

The suspect 25-year-old William Horn, Plano police say stole $91 worth of electronics.

Hanson’s dress blues were torn in the chase. A GoFundMe campaign was started by a fellow Marine to replace it, and within a few hours, the donations exceeded $500.

Hanson told reporters that he was embarrassed with all the media attention and would donate the extra funds received back into the Toys for Tots program, according to the news source.


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