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Marine dies from flesh eating bacteria weeks after graduating boot camp

Becket Kiernan

A US Marine has succumbed to a flesh-eating disease in California only
a month after finishing training, leaving the young 18-year-old’s
family in shock.

On February 5, Becket Kiernan of Rochester, Massachusetts, died from
complications caused by Necrotizing Fasciitis, a rare flesh-eating
disease that can often result in loss of limbs or death.

While his mother, Drennan Kiernan was advised to board a plane on the
East Coast and get to California only twelve hours prior, she was
unable to arrive in time to see her son while he was still alive.

Over a dozen doctors in Palm Springs attempted to save the young
Marine’s life, but the disease had already taken its course. When she
arrived, she was allowed to spend some time with his lifeless body- a
few precious moments to say goodbye.

“I got to sit with him for about two hours until the coroner insisted
on taking him,” she said. “So I got that.”

For Mrs. Kiernan, it was a painful moment that could never be forgotten.

“There are no words yet created to express how my heart is broken,”
she later wrote on social media. “How can my darling boy be gone and
I’m still breathing?”

Even as a young boy, Kiernan was born for the Marines. A military
enthusiast, he had joined the Young Marines as a teen, eventually
reaching the rank of (cadet) Sergeant Major and organizing a Toys For
Tots drived\ that helped thousands of children in need.

“He was always supportive of people, asking them ‘are you OK?'” his
mother said. “He was like that since he was little. It’s who he was.”

According to SILive, his funeral is scheduled for 9:30 AM at Saint
Anthony’s Church in the town of Mattapoisett, with a burial to follow.

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