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Marine deals with tragedy after his wife is hurt, brother-in-law dies in crash


Ball Family Marine Corps

A Marine and his family stationed at Camp Pendleton was PCS’ing to Louisiana, living up the road trip and visiting several national parks along the way when tragedy struck.

Three days before Christmas an icy highway caused a terrible crash that killed SSgt Evan Ball’s brother-in-law and severely injured his wife.

“I saw my G6 destroyed, all my family’s stuff everywhere,” said Ball according to KGTV. “My heart sank at that point, I pretty much just fell apart. I saw my brother-in-law on the ground.”

The Marine was in a car with his two sons. His wife and brother-in-law were following behind him when they suddenly lost control and collided with a tractor trailer near Farmington, New Mexico.

“I got in the back of the van with them and I hugged them and said mom and uncle Steve were in a wreck and we just need to pray for them right now,” said Ball as reported by the news station.

Ball’s brother-in-law Steve Marrow died instantly; his wife Ashley is in critical condition.

“Her diaphragm was injured so they had to cut her open and check for internal injuries,” said Ball. “She had some broken ribs.”

Ball reminisced about the the last conversation he had with his life, discussing the activities they’d do with the kids at Christmas. He did his best to give the kids a great Christmas, saying, “My kids were my rocks and I was there rock,” said Ball.

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