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Marine Corps Veteran Sued by City for Living ‘Off the Grid’


Trailer of Marine living off the gridMarine Corps Veteran, Tyler Truitt is facing a court hearing with the city of Huntsville, Alabama over his “off-the-grid” lifestyle, where he uses solar panels for energy, catches rainwater in a 550-gallon plastic tank, and lives in a trailer with his girlfriend.

AL.com reports. “We’re not bothering anyone,” says Truitt. “I just wanted to have something that would be debt-free, so that if I chose to go to school full-time I wouldn’t have to worry about any bills.” He is currently employed at a US Army post and is considering completing the physics degree he started before he enlisted in the Marine Corps seven years ago.

The city of Huntsville stated in their lawsuit that Truitt’s non-utilities fall short of city building codes (think heating, electrical and plumbing) according to WAFF reports. The lawsuit goes on to state that Truitt is guilty of failing to follow zoning ordinance laws, simply by living in a trailer outside a trailer park. “There are benefits and compromises for citizens that choose to live in the city,” a Huntsville official tells WAAY 31.

The couple has been ordered by the city to bring their trailer up to code, but Truitt isn’t going down without a fight. He has appealed an earlier guilty verdict and requested a jury trial, calling it “civil disobedience.” Tuitt feels that his lifestyle should be applauded for living a frugal and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

After all, it’s his home. He doesn’t want to do anything differently and certainly doesn’t want to move, “Where else am I supposed to go really?” he asks MyFox Alabama.

For pictures of the land, trailer and more, click here.

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