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Marine Corps veteran running for Congress, giving away a free AR-15


A US Marine veteran running on the Republican ticket in Kansas is giving away “America’s rifle” as a part of his campaign promotion.

Much to the horror of Progressive news writer Brock Wilbur, Republican congressional candidate and US Marine Corps veteran Tyler Tannahill is offering a Bushmaster Model 91048 semi-automatic rifle (more commonly referred to as an AR-15) as a prize for sharing Tannahill -and his platform- on social media.

“Who would choose to promote their politics this way,” Wilbur wrote, “And how is it even legal?”

As someone who grew up in Kansas, he answers his own question- such a prize isn’t that uncommon in the state, and it would only make sense for a pro-Second Amendment US Marine veteran like Tannahill to take such a route.

“I can tell you it’s not uncommon,” Wilbur said in an article on the progressive website 50 States of Blue, “To see giveaways like ‘Open a checking account and get a free shotgun’ from local banks.”

Obviously, Tannahill isn’t simply kicking AR-15s out of the back of a pickup truck to anyone who wants one: the Kansas veteran’s website states in fine print that whoever wins must be 18 years of age and legally allowed to purchase and own a firearm. In fact, they have to come pick it up themselves.

However, in a state where the majority of the population is pro-gun and residents (who are not barred from legally doing so) can carry a concealed handgun without a permit, the only thing that seems out of place about the contest is that they didn’t put a higher-quality AR up for grabs. Other than that, the entire premise seems very Kansan, indeed.

According to his campaign page, Tannahill joined the US Marines at the age of 17 in an effort to satisfy a “sense of duty to his country after the 9/11 attacks.” By age 20, he was serving as a squad leader and has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tannahill is currently running against several other Republicans and a handful of Democrats. He is basing his platform on pillar issues such as fiscal discipline, jobs, defense, gun right, agriculture and the right to life.

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