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Marine Corps vet stirring controversy by flying U.S. and Marine Corps flags upside down


Dianne Tonda and her husband, a Marine Corps vet, are continuing what they call a “quiet demonstration” — which they started a year ago –to protest government leaders.

The couple decided to raise their American and Marine Corps flags upside down– and leave them flying like that– in front of their southern Washington state property.

The retired Pasco resident is blaming politicians for the way the country is run and says all their constitutional rights are slowly being taken away.

“As a sign of distress that your country, your nation is in distress, you fly the flag upside down,” said Tonda.

The couple’s Ella Street neighbors and others on social media are expressing differing views on the issue.

Most folks did not want to appear on camera, but some told KEPR-TV that it’s their own business what the couple does with the flags, while others said they did not agree with this quiet protest.

U.S. code on “respect for flag” states that the union on the flag should “never be down unless there’s a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

The retired Pasco couple isn’t alone in flying the flag upside down. In February, a retired 66-year-old Air Force veteran flew the US flag upside down to bring attention to the water issue in Flint, Michigan.

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