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Marine Corps Uniform Change Proposal Report


A new uniform board survey proposes changes to the Corps’ uniform policy.

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  1. Yea I’m Chris a future DevilDog
    In my opinion it should be utility working cames all year around. Second it should depend on climate and environment for either desert or woodland

    Third stick with the male covers for females.

    Finally I recently learned that all branches will be switching to the newly adopted U.S Army pattern within 1 or 2 years. In this Future Marines opinion please don’t switch to it. The Marine Corps is easy to recongnise but with this possible all the same uniform how are people suppose to tell us apart ? I know we’ll still have the EGA on our blouse over our heart and on our cover but the woodland and desert marpat works so please keep away from switching over to the pattern

    Hopefully General Joseph F. Dunford Jr
    General John M. Paxton Jr
    Seargent Major Ronald L. Green will see this


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