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Marine Corps Reserve offering various incentives for re-enlistment


Top performing MarinesThe Marine Corps is offering cash bonuses and other incentives to reservists in critical positions, who are willing to serve another 3 years.

According to a message, signed July 13, by the acting director of the Reserve Affairs Division, a Marine must complete MOS school to receive the bonuses.

Individuals who enlist under the Reserve Optional Enlistment Program, between Oct 1 and August 26, 2017, may qualify for the bonuses.They may also receive $5,000 and a Montgomery GI Bill kicker – according to Marine Corps Times.

Reserve staff sergeants and staff sergeant-selects with “less than 14 years of service and no more than 2 years of time in grade can pocket $20,000,” the Times article said. They must, however, move into certain MOS’s which include: reconnaissance Marine, imagery analysis, explosive ordnance disposal tech, among others. To see more details, you can read the full message at: MARADMIN 366/16.

There is also a $15,000 bonus available to those who move into MOS’s, such as, light armored vehicle Marine or water support technician- among others.

NCO ‘s in certain fields are also eligible for bonuses. Sergeants with less than a decade of service can earn $20,000 by re-enlisting or by moving into certain jobs. Corporals in the geographic intelligence specialist or scout sniper MOS’s –who’ve had less than five years of service–may earn $20,000.

There are several deal breakers listed in the message. For example: if an individual has more than a three-year break from service in the active component or active reserve, they would be disqualified — unless the Marine earns at least 50 points for each anniversary year during that time.

Marines currently serving under any other contractual obligation, requiring continued affiliation in the Selected Reserve, are also disqualified–the Times reported.

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