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Marine Corps Recruiter indicted for rape in Tennessee


Marine Recruiter Steven Schwartz arrested

Last November a Marine recruiter was arrested and charged by police with statutory rape by an authority figure.

The Marine Corps recruiter, Steven Schwartz, was indicted for rape on Monday by a Henry County grand jury, as reported by the Post-Intelligencer.

Deputies say Schwartz met the underage victim while acting as a Marine recruiter, according to WBBJ, and continued in a relationship with her.

Records show that Steven Schwartz has served in the Marine Corps for eight years.

“I feel like he’s definitely taken advantage of the responsibility he’s been given,” Jenkins said.

The victim’s age is not being released at this time. “We opened the investigation, conducted some interviews and determined there had been some ongoing correspondence between the two,” Jenkins said.

The Marine veteran is facing four to six years in a state penitentiary and will be required to register as a sex offender if convicted.

Schwartz is scheduled to appear again in court on Monday.

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  1. if this is true u deserve what u get. i’m very reluctant to call u a marine but if not true u will always be a marine. good luck, if u deserve it.


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