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Marine Corps poolee thwarts robbery and captures suspect


An Oklahoma US Marine poolee thwarted a burglary after a wanted man attempted to break into his pickup truck.

The incident took place after Marine recruit Glenn Cerny saw suspect Duke Tran moving away from his truck.

“He ran across the front porch of Outback over here and hopped a bush. I was about five feet from him,” Cerny said.

When Cerny went back to his truck, he realized his wallet was gone.

“I immediately opened my door and looked for my wallet. It wasn’t there,” Cerny said.

Springing into action, Cerny sprinted after Tran.

“I caught him by the jacket, picked up him, threw him down and held him down until we got the cops called,” Cerny said. Tran was held in place until an arriving police officer -who happened to be a Marine veteran- took over.

Tran, who had a warrant for his arrest, was found with drugs on his person and was arrested on multiple charges, including violating parole and skipping court on a felony charge.

On Wednesday, Cerny’s commander gave him a unit coin and a certificate of appreciation.

“They came together to bring a criminal to justice to make the community safer,” said Major Ryan Cohen, commanding officer of RS Oklahoma City and one of the Corp’s finest leaders.

However, Cerny -who goes to San Diego for boot camp next month says- he just did what came naturally.

“I didn’t think if he was armed or something. I just did it. Just trying to do what’s right. That’s what really matters,” Cerny told KFOR.

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