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Marine Corps ordered to become gender-neutral, remove the word ‘man’

Integrated Task Force infantry Marines kick off MCOTEA assessment
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Alicia R. Leaders/Released

A month after the Pentagon ordered the military to open all combat roles to women, the Marine Corps has been ordered to fully integrate women into its basic training courses and make its job titles more gender-neutral.

It’s not really clear yet whether all job titles will change, but according to an anonymous Navy official who spoke with the Marine Corps Times, titles such as infantryman, rifleman or midshipman may remain in place.

It’s the titles where the word ‘man’ appears as a separate word that they want changed.  For example, in titles such as “reconnaissance man”, “fire support man” and “field artillery sensor support man”, the official said it’s possible that “man” could just be dropped from the names.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus sent a memo to Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller on Jan. 1- requesting a “detailed plan” on how the service will fully integrate its boot camp and Officer Candidate School. While male and female Marine officer candidates have trained together for years, the Corps remains the only military branch to segregate its enlisted trainees.

According to the Jan. 1 memo, the plan is due Jan. 15, and will be implemented by April 1. Mabus characterized the request as an “effort to facilitate complete inclusion of women in combat roles.”

One Marine, who also spoke to the Marine Corps Times, said the order posed “logistical challenges.” Managing barracks with open floor plans and organizing personnel like drill instructors may be difficult, the unnamed source said.

The integration process is not going to be easy, officials have acknowledged that. Mabus wrote: “There will be challenges as we move forward with this policy change, but none are insurmountable and, and all of this is dependent upon the very best leadership on the part of the Marine Corps and the Department of the Navy.”

Commanding officers have been directed to report — among other concerns — “indications of decreased combat readiness or effectiveness, increased risk to Marines, including sexual assault and hazing, and signs of deteriorating morale or unit cohesion.”

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  1. And the Leftists have effectively done what NO Enemy Foreign has done in the History Of MY CORPS. This will lead to less effective Esprit”De Corps, Lower Morale, and the Overall Combat effectiveness WILL Lessen. The FORGING of Civilians into MARINES will Be Less of the Samurai Sword and more like the cheaper India Copies. Anyone Knowing of the ancient Art Of Refolding the Steel , over and over, to give true temper and strength to a Worthy Japanese Samurai Sword knows what I mean. The Forge has been weakened, and the Metal and Mettle of Marines will suffer. They did a sound “”test”” about this already, and found out that the difference between Male Marines and WM’s is inherently and scientifically sound. SHIIIIT, I’m just an Old 03, but I’m even smart enough to know Women are Not Physically or Psychologically Suited To Be GRUNTS ! NUFF SAID. SEMPER FI AND TO GOD AND CHESTY, PLEASE WATCH OVER MY BROTHERS !

  2. And I demand all leftist dumbasses keep they’re crybaby opinions and stupid oppositions out of MY MARINE CORPS, You’re say and input only matters if you’ve earned the title so fuck you

  3. WHY???? United States Marines CAPITULATE TO NOBODY. We are MARINES. so why is it that Candy-assed PC Police are going to DICTATE to Marines on something they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT? MAN UP Commandant!

    “Political correctness is the left’s answer to moral and ethical righteousness and being truthful, open and honest. Political correctness derives from the demographic evolution or change in society which has brought about a lack of ability or willingness to be specific in legal definition, communication, description, and violation. This has resulted because of the linguistic, religious and cultural co-mixtures which have, literally, bastardized them to a level of confusion which demands explanation.

    Political correctness is a kind of avoidance-avoidance, considering two undesirable alternatives of choice and not being comfortable with either. It maintains a status-quo without resolving fundamental problems. It treats the symptoms without correcting the cause which has a negative effect or impact. Political correctness is an expression of the recognition that America is a house divided by many factors and, whereas political correctness is merely a symptom of what is wrong with America, the factors of incompatible differences will be the demise of the country. Our policies are incoherent and wasteful of our national resources and our people. Lacking fundamental commonality in religion and language, in particular, “united we stand” expresses a will to survive while overlooking the obvious weaknesses and vulnerabilities which prevent such unity. Political correctness is the inability to be forthright with respect to principle, rule or law for fear of offending a person with the imposition of principle, rule or law.”
    [UNKNOWN, shared by a DISQUS Contributor]

  4. Any Marine officer who implements the order should be kicked out of the Corps. The Officers I served under Such has General Puller, and many others like him would resign and tell the Sec. of the Navy to go too hell, Once was proud to claim the title of Marine if this is implemented it will end the Marine Corps has a fighting unit


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