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Marine Corps issues shelter in place guidelines for Marines

U.S. Marines with Alpha Company, Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Installations West, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, execute daily tasks at the 13 Area Installation Personnel Administration Center on Camp Pendleton, California, April 2, 2020. IPAC has adjusted how they complete their daily mission to follow the health protection condition guidelines for COVID-19, while keeping their personnel and customers safe. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alison Dostie)

Marines at Camp Pendleton have been ordered to comply with California’s “shelter in place” mandate, and those who do not fall in line will face severe punishment.

Brigadier General Daniel Conley issued orders of compliance over the weekend, explaining that those who are assigned to California installations are expected to obey California law.

“As of March 19, the state of California instituted a `shelter in place’ order,” Conley wrote. “The order directs all individuals to remain at home or place of residence, except as needed in limited circumstances.”

According to FOX 5, off-duty activities are to be severely limited.

“Travel while on leave or liberty is only authorized to conduct essential services such as medical needs, groceries, banking, exercise and gas stations,” the order said. “While in a leave or liberty status, and while traveling to conduct essential services, all MCIWEST personnel shall limit travel to within a 30-mile radius of their residence.”

To make matters more dire, Marines and Sailors will be limited to “social contact with household members only” in their homes.

To disobey the orders is to be subject to “appropriate administrative or judicial action” under UCMJ.

Over 38,000 military family members occupy base housing complexes, and Camp Pendleton sees a population of around 70,000 military and civilian personnel during the day.

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