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Marine Corps denies allegations of female recruiters using dating app to recruit men


The US Marine Corps denies using a dating app to lure potential recruits into the military, despite screenshots that make claims to the contrary.

A screenshot from a user of the Bumble dating app shows a woman by the name of Kaitlin Robertson attempting to recruit a male match into the US Marines.

“Hey! My name is Kaitlin Robertson and I am with the Marine Corps,” the message said. “Have you ever considered joining the military? I would love to have one of my recruiters sit down and talk with you about all of your options within the Marine Corps, including education, job opportunities, and free health/dental insurance, just to name a few. I would love to make you part of our Marine Corps family!!”

The young man on the other end, however, seemed all too familiar with the Marines.

“You’re not even going to bribe me with crayons?” he asked.

After the news broke last Monday, Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesman Gunnery Sergeant Justin Kronenberg said that the method of using dating apps was not authorized and that orders have been released to recruiters to cease doing so.

“The Marine Corps Recruiting Command is aware of a story reported Monday night alleging the use of a social media dating application by a Marine recruiter to interact with the public. Marine recruiters are not permitted by policy to use dating apps to contact people in a business capacity and the person named in the article is not a Marine recruiter,” Kronenberg told The Washington Times. “Still, command-wide guidance was reemphasized today to ensure recruiters are up to date with online conduct expectations.”

To add to the mystery behind the bizarre Bumble recruiting scandal, USMC officials have no idea who “Kaitlin Robertson” is, if she ever really existed at all.

“We don’t know if that’s a real photo,” a Marine official said. “We take it seriously enough to run a quick search of our personnel database to find out it’s not an active-duty Marine, it’s not a Marine recruiter.”

It is unknown who is behind the face of Kaitlin Robertson, though it is possible that it may just be a recruiter trying to make numbers. In addition, it is unknown how many young men fell for the ruse before it was discovered.

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