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Week 4: Combat

Recruits learn how to apply basic Marine Corps combat skills. They begin by participating in the pugil stick training. The recruits are protected with a helmet and face mask and are challenged to get a clean shot on their opponent. The USMC recruits will also learn the core values of the Marine Corps, complete a 3-mile march with packs on, complete the confidence course and receive information on first aid. They will participate in daily Marine Corps PT (physical training) activities and complete addition academic classes.

Pugil Stick fighting Parris Island Boot Camp
Photos from DVIDS, by Lance Cpl. David Bessey

Week 5: Martial Arts Program

Recruits are taught MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts program) which is designed to teach recruits the idea of “One Mind. Any Weapon.” Hand-to-hand combat techniques are learned as well as self defense training. Martial arts history, Marine Corps values brings together mental and physical resiliency to build character with combat disciplines. Five levels of belts can be earned in the MCMAP program,  (lowest) tan, grey, green, brown and black (highest). A recruit must qualify for a tan belt to earn the title Marine.

Combat Water Survival develops a recruit’s confidence in the water. The Marine Corps recruits have to perform a variety of water survival skill and swimming techniques. It is essential for all recruits to pass basic water survival skills in order to graduate boot camp. They will also participate in a 5-mile hike, receiving testing on Marine Corps Customs and Courtesies, train in first aid, go through a uniform inspection and learn more on the Marine Corps core values.

Water Survival training in boot camp marine corps
Photo from DVIDS, by Cpl. Caitlin Brink

Week 6: Rappelling

Marine Corps recruits face their fear of heights this week by getting up and rappelling down the wall. Recruits are taught proper technique with where and how to place their hands on the rope to safely rappel down.

Marine recruits learn rappelling techniques on Parris Island
Photo from DVIDS, Photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink

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