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Forging through Boot Camp and Earning the Title Marine

What is boot camp like in the Marine Corps USMCSo you want to become one of the few, one of the proud? Anyone who wants to join the Marines, whether it’s in the USMC Reserves or as an active duty Marine, all must successfully complete 13 grueling weeks of training, in order to earn the title United States Marine. Those who are awaiting boot camp who have enlisted are called poolees.

Here’s a link to take a practice ASVAB.

Where you’ll attend boot camp will most likely be determined on which part of the country you’re currently living. All females will attend MCRD Parris Island (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) as well as those living on the Eastern side of our country. Those on the western side of the United States will attend MCRD San Diego.

Boot Camp is no joke, it is the most physically and mentally challenging boot camp programs of any military service.

Whether you’re thinking about joining the Marine Corps or you want to know exactly what your recruit is up to while he is away – here’s a break down week-by-week of what the recruits will be facing.

Your Boot Camp FAQs

Week 1: Receiving

Process begins for recruits which includes completing paperwork, getting their haircut, setting up pay, receiving assigned gear, completing medical and dental screenings, and participating in the Initial Strength Test. They will also begin various academic classes.

Recruits get ready to meet boot camp drill instructors marine corps usmc video bootcamp
Photo from DVIDS. New recruits of Platoon 1016, Charlie Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, await the arrival of their drill instructors inside their barracks Jan. 11, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. This was the day drill instructors formally introduced themselves to the recruits they will transform into U.S. Marines. Charlie Company is scheduled to graduate April 4, 2014. (Photo by Cpl. Octavia Davis)

 Week 2: In the Barracks

This week will be the start of the intense discipline that is instilled in the Marine Corps recruits. They will learn to follow the set schedule for the remaining weeks. They will learn to complete the morning routine after reveille (wake up call): getting up, getting dressed, making their bed, brushing their teeth, getting shaved and moving out in a matter of minutes.

Week 3: Bayonet Assault Course

Recruits work on becoming Marine Corps warriors with the Bayonet Assault Course. They learn how to attach and use a bayonet against an opponent.

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