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Marine Corps Boot Camp Receiving vs Other Military Branches


A quick look at how receiving differs throughout all the military services.

Marine Corps Boot Camp vs Army Basic Training (Boot Camp)

13 weeks vs 10 weeks

Air Force Basic Training (Boot Camp) – 8 weeks

Navy Boot Camp – 7 weeks

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  1. 50 years ago when I went through basic the instructors could beat the crap out of you if they wanted..later after I was out of the corps I joined the Army and did basic again this time as a soldier. What a difference…like going from the pros to junior varsity. The corps all the way!!!!!

    • 19 years ago when I was in the Corps stationed at Lackland AFB going thru MP school, I had the opportunity to watch Air Force basic training. I can tell you from 1st hand experience that the instructors are making it look badass for the camera. I was in the Boy Scouts and the Boy Scouts looked badass compared to Air Force basic.

  2. i got to Paris island june 27th 1950 , i was 16 years of age looked like i was 14 but i was solid had worked on a farm down in florida and saw mill for 2 years yes the marine corps does build men my sgt had been on the battan deathh march and he was one mean man but i learned to love him like a mother and father he called me ( my little pussy) but he gained respect for me because no way in hell was i going to drop out or fail so yes the marine corps does build men aftyer 9 years korean veterian and a sgt got out started my trek in life spent 30 years in insurance and investments appointed vp major insurance company owned a medium size trucking company with over one million $ per year gross income did karaoke and stand up comedy wrote a book all this with less than 8th grade education the marines taught me to stand tall think positive dream and think big and work hard to make my dreams come true why not read all about my life in my book of memoirs title Boy from lulu by earl downing go to my web site http://www.boy from lulu.com/earl downing click on archway or amazon to order or get more info for nook go to barnes and nobles

  3. I’ve seen first hand how USMC training has changed over the years. Sissified is the word a gentleman who had gone through MCRD 45 years before my son did said when we met at graduation. They are issued electric razors now, they can call time outs, the DI can’t cuss at them, call them names, most definitely don’t touch them. And right now a classmate of my younger son is in MCRD and they can get care packages that have food and other items in them. If they get a package the recruit is given 1 hour free time to eat what comes in his package. I respect the Marine Corps. I respect what they stand for. But don’t keep talking about how badass the training is and how if you didn’t go through USMC boot camp then you didn’t really go through camp.

    • Bullshit. Sure we don’t get shitty razors but no fucking way do we have electric razors. One dude in my platoon got slapped across the face behind his rack because he was shaving with an electric razor. Even though they’re not supposed to touch you, you can bet your sweet ass that they can and will touch you if nobody is looking. Timeouts? Boy I guess my DIs didn’t hear this rule cause I sure would’ve loved a timeout, and no way in hell were you allowed a care package. We were allowed to be sent protein bars, but did we get to eat them? Hell no! The only thing accurate is the one hour to ourselves that we would be LUCKY AS FUCK to get. Most of that time was spent labeling out gear or fixing our racks. You’re so full of shit, quit talking about something that you know nothing about.

  4. ^^^ You shouldn’t be posting about things you don’t know about. Just about none of what you said was accurate. But you’re a “Marine Mom” and if it’s anyone’s fault things get easier it’s you and your pussy ways. God your an idiot.

  5. My son went through Parris Island in 2000. While there they pulled his wisdom teeth , all 4 of them at once. He was given a prescription for pain relief. When he got to the drug counter it was closed for the day. He sucjed it up and went back to the barracks. Next day he was back training.v

  6. I went through MCRD San Diego in 1965. If you didn’t get, hit, punched, kicked, or called every disgusting name in the book then you were not in Marine Boot Camp. Seeing how they are received today is a joke and laughable. In receiving you got the crap beat out of you just get your attention.

  7. Dear Marine Mom

    Errr your wrong. I am a fiance of a Marine who went through bootcamp and I can definitely tell you…your full of shit.

    They don’t get care packages, you can bet they will lay a hand on you as well.

    You really shouldn’t post about stuff you don’t know. Even I don’t know everything that went on, only just scraped the surface but please don’t comment on what you don’t know.


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