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Marine colonel will stay in the brig, military judge says



The Marine colonel accused of sexually assaulting a child has been denied a request to be freed from the brig until his trial is set to begin.

Col. Daniel H. Wilson will have to spend the next three months at the Marine Corps Installation East Regional Brig Facility until his trial begins on June 6 at Camp Lejeune.

The fifty-five-year-old colonel has been held in the brig since January 13, according to II Marine Expeditionary Force.

Earlier this month, Wilson pleaded not guilty to his charges stemming from accusations that he inappropriately touched a girl under the age of ten and another adult female. He is also accused of having an “overly familiar” relationship with an Australian military officer, according to his civilian defense counsel, Phillip Stackhouse.

Wilson is facing a general court-martial, which are reserved for the most serious allegations of misconduct against service members.  He faces confinement in prison for more than a year, dismissal from the Marine Corps and a dishonorable discharge.

Stackhouse said both he and Wilson were disappointed by the judge’s decision to deny their request to be released from pre-trial confinement.

In November, Wilson was charged with sexual abuse of a child; assault consummated by battery on a child under the age of 16; failure to obey a general order or regulation and conduct unbecoming of an officer, according to the Marine Corps Times.

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