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Marine Christopher Lee admits to killing military spouse Corwin, says she molested his daughter



Marine veteran Christopher Lee is on trial for murdering a fellow Marine’s wife, 19-year-old Erin Corwin. Authorities found Corwin’s body down an abandoned mine shaft in the Mojave desert outside of Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base.

Lee testified and admitted to killing Corwin on June 28, 2014, saying that she had molested his 6-year-old daughter, as reported by the High Desert Star.

“I came up behind her and I put it (the garrote) around her neck,” he said. “I just kept choking her.”

“I pulled and I pulled,” he said. “I freaked out … I killed her. … I dragged her to the edge of the mineshaft and I pushed her in.”

When Corwin went missing, Lee admitted to being friends with Corwin, but denied having an affair. Detectives surmised that Lee was lying and had been having an affair with Corwin for some time. They also discovered that Corwin was making plans to move to Alaska to be with Lee after he finished his enlistment in the Corps.

Lee, who was married at the time, says that his wife Nichole noticed his daughter’s privates were red and irritated, according to the news piece. She was in the dark about the affair but accused Corwin, said Lee from the stand.

It was then that Lee said he became depressed and began playing Russian Roulette. He said he drove Corwin to a mineshaft approximately 2 hours from the Marine Base in 29 Palms.

Corwin gushed to a friend that she believed Lee was going to ask her to marry him. Corwin announced to Lee that she loved him and his daughter and wanted to be together, when suddenly he says he snapped and killed her.

“Something clicked,” Lee testified from the stand.

He testified that he asked Corwin if she touched his daughter. Lee says she didn’t at first. He asked again, “Did you molest my daughter?” where she replied, “Yes, but….”

Lee says that moment changed him, “It set me off… I just felt so much hate.”

Lee said he began strangling Corwin . “I wasn’t going to let anyone hurt my daughter again,” he said.

“I looked, I didn’t see any rise and fall of her chest … I didn’t care.”

Lee’s trial has not yet concluded.

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  1. Why do I find his story less than compelling, which is just a nice way to say, full of shit? This is great, lay something like that on a person that can’t defend them self.


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