Home News Marine booted from Corps after being accused of hanging white nationalism banner

Marine booted from Corps after being accused of hanging white nationalism banner

Marines hang confederate banner
Photo: Screenshot of embedded YouTube video

A combat-wounded US Marine NCO is on his way out of the Corps after being arrested at a pro-Confederate rally and taking part in the unfurling banner bearing a pro-white slogan.

Camp Lejeune Marine Staff Sergeant Joseph Manning of the Marine Corps Engineer School was arrested in Graham, North Carolina, on May 20 and charged with the Class 2 misdemeanor of first-degree trespass.

Manning and Marine Sergeant Michael Chesny are accused of scaling a building and unfurling a banner that read “YWNRU” or “You Will Not Replace Us,” a slogan for the Marine veteran-founded Identity Evropa group.

Captain Joshua Pena of Marine Training and Education Command told the Marine Corps Times that Manning -who joined the Marines in 2002, deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and has been awarded with the Purple Heart- is in the process of being administratively separated from the Corps.

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  1. That is sad that the Corps would kick him out for something that did not harm anyone. I have seen Marines do far worse and nothing happened to them…

    • He did harm to the Marine Corps. Marine Corps can not and will not stand for people standing for White Supremacy. So he did do him to himself and the Corps. You should know better Chuck.

  2. Dude whites are on track to be a minority in their own countries within 40 years because of radical immigration laws from the 60s and this nonsense diversity worship. Not wanting to be reduced to a minority is not white supremacy…


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