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Marine banned one-month from Facebook for saying Pentagon shouldn’t pay for transgender surgeries


Pride Month LGBTQ TransFormer infantry Marine and Afghanistan vet Jason Lutcavage is no stranger to controversy. His most recent trouble stems from a post he wrote on Facebook about issues surrounding transgender individuals in the military.

“We objectively do not care if you are gay or trans,” he wrote. “That said, we should not be paying for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) nor surgeries.”

He also added: “It sets a dangerous precedent for people to simply join to have their transition paid for. Furthermore, surgeries require recovery, therefore adversely impact mission readiness.”

The post was written on behalf of the Marine-run Facebook Page known as “Just the Tip of the Spear” (JTTOTS), which has since been banned permanently.

Facebook also banned Lutcavage for 30-days. He’s not surprised, he told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is a pretty common occurrence with us.”

Back in 2014, when he was a page administrator for POG Boot F – – – -, Lutcavage told NPR that his page was not a forum for abuse, but that it served as a public space for infantry Marines to be themselves. (POG stands for “person other than grunt”).

In that NPR story titled, “Marine Corps Finds It Tough To Shut Down Sexist Facebook Groups,” Lutcavage said his social media pages were “a way for us to share our depraved humor with one another, make fun of POGs and just rib on one another in general.”

Lutcavage says their dark humor is just native to the military, in general, and combat arms in general.

He complains that while military pages are “being removed left and right,” somehow it’s okay to still have pages up that advocate killing Americana or “hardcore Third Wave feminism pages that advocate at killing all men.

“That’s definitely a little hypocritical,” he says.

In this latest controversy, Lutcavage says it’s ludicrous that combat vets can be “sleeved out” over the restricted tattoo policy, yet the Pentagon is prepared to “foot the bill for sex changes.”

While he still supported LGBT inclusion in the post – it didn’t help.

About the military-run pages, he told DCNF: “They seem to get shut down quite often for expressing opinions outside of the norm, or anything that isn’t what you would call politically correct, so to speak.”

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