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Marine arrested for kidnapping underage girl he met through recruiting


A Marine Reservist has been arrested and charged in connection to the kidnapping of a teenage girl.

Reservist Alexander Curry-Fishtorn was arrested in Arkansas and now faces numerous felony charges, including four counts of kidnapping, five counts of criminal confinement, six counts of stalking, and three counts of domestic battery.

The arrest surrounds the disappearance of a sixteen-year-old girl from Indiana, who was the subject of an Amber Alert over the weekend.

The teenager’s vehicle had broken down on the side of the road where Curry-Fishtorn abducted her at gunpoint and put her into his vehicle- which was rigged in such a way that it made escape difficult.

According to ABC7, Curry-Fishtorn then drove the girl to his friend’s house in Arkansas, where he planned to hold her until she turned 18 years old and charges could be dropped.

Upon arrival, the kidnapper forced the girl to dye her hair, and she was imprisoned there until law enforcement could free her.

Curry-Fishtorn had met the girl at a Marine recruiting program, where minors train in order to prepare themselves for post-high school graduation enlistment.

He became obsessed with the girl and began secretly seeing -and abusing- her.

The girl’s mother claims that she was not the only young girl he had eyes for, as other girls’ mothers have since stepped forward to complain as well.

In addition to civilian charges, Curry-Fishtorn could face UCMJ punishment as well.

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