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Marine arrested and charged with threatening VA clinical worker


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A Marine veteran was arrested and charged with making threats to his VA psychiatrist and other employees in Manhattan.

According to the New York Post, 32-year-old Dmitry Ulanov was taken into custody at one of NYC’s homeless shelters following a series of threatening phone calls, Facebook threats, and emails aimed at VA psychiatrist Jinella Hong and her co-workers.

“I got really depressed and borderline homicidal over the fact that 22 of us commit suicide every day, 20 of whom I personally blame the failed VA system for […] Luckily, I have no f**king access to [machine guns], because you all know my mentality,” Ulanov posted on Tuesday via Facebook.

Ulanov then continued his social media rant, citing the highly-contested “22 veterans a day” suicide statistic.

“No f**king lie. I’m soo f–king heated at this failed system that produces and causes 15 suicides out of 22 every day.,” he wrote. “Yo, I’m going frog voice, knife­hand (sic) congressional on these mother fu****s.”

According to the US Marine Corps, Ulanov was in the Corps from 2009 to 2012 as an engineer equipment mechanic, with an Afghan deployment that spanned from 2010 to 2011. He was not awarded a combat action ribbon, though he did receive a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and Afghanistan Campaign Medal.

Ulanov also wrote about buying five pairs of male thongs and an air rifle.

“Went to Walmart to purchase another pump action variable air rifle,” he wrote. “Decided against it because of my current mental diagnosis as well as state laws currently in place infringing on my federal Constitutional rights as an American!!!”

The Marine veteran has been charged with making terroristic threats and has had his bail set at $20,000 cash or bond, with a court date of May 12th.

The VA hospital released a statement that the threats raised “serious concern” and have contacted Facebook to remove the posts.

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  1. I am appalled that this young man is jailed instead of hospitalized. The VA failed him, the system failed him. I had no idea he was homeless. He served with my son Sgt. Jose. L. Saenz III who was KIA Aug. 9, 2010in Kajaki, Afghanistan. He came to join the family here in Texas for one of his Memorial walks. He is a wonderful peaceful loving man. He is clearly troubled, and the psychiatrist who failed him and felt threatened clearly shows her incompetence by having him jailed, instead of having him hospitalized and getting someone else on his case to continue to help. THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE VA MEDICAL SYSTEM FAILS our Veterans. Terrorist threats! Why he was good enough to serve and fight for the USMC now he poses a threat. I replied to this because I am heartbroken, that his life came to this. I just saw him last May & he seem happy. I guess I failed him too as his Marine Mom.

  2. In Response to my previous comment, I jumped the gun, it is not the Veteran Marine son I know. I was in such an emotional shock that I did not even call him to confirm. The name, age, branch of service, location & even year he served was so similar. It is unfortunate still for this young Veteran to be in this situation. I can not emphasize enough how this whole picture looks. Emotionally, perhaps deeply mentally ill, & he is jailed not hospitalized. By the same people who are supposed to help. I would be ashamed to publicly be known as his Dr. Jinella Hong who could not help him, or get someone else too. She should be investigated to make sure she is qualified and competent to be treating these sick Veterans. Is she in the Military or a Veteran herself. What if one of her other patients commits a horrible act. Who is to blame. This is the example of our failed system. I will try to stay in closer contact with the Veterans I know. They suffer everyday in some form or another. I am not a Dr. but have heard many of them share what they feel & think. Having lost my only son KIA I know they carry the same heart ache & burden.

  3. I was in khajaki at the end of 2010. 3 12 India battery was there. I birded up there for a week, and them boys had a lot of casualties . I probably personally knew your some and am sorry for the loss.
    I never made any threatening phone calls. I called her once, told her I was receiving substandard care and that I was going to fight to get her license revoked. Literally exposed my deep concerns to my Marines on fb, as that is the only reason I’m even on there. FBI shows up. NYPD grabs me up. Facing 2-7 years in jail for an intern psychiatrist civilian who was there on a three month rotation. Completely failed by her saw her three times. She gave me medication that made me suicidal and depressed. Next week I told her this and she said keep taking them meanwhile 22 a day. System is such a failure I never saw her again. I might have vented a little too much in an agressive matter, desensitized, that could be seen by rat creepers as odd or threatening, she wasn’t my friend mind you. Literally that’s how wronged I stand. And I stand by every word that I said even more now. Mind you there are a lot of dots dot dots in that article and the allegations are completely out of context. Whore civilian intern there once a week on a three month rotation. Marine veteran jailed directly as a resort of her lies.

  4. I do not even have her e-mail, called her one time and said what I said, and vented to my guys on facebook. She had a personal vendetta against me and literally lied through her teeth to her failed supervisors but how in the fact does this translate into potential jail time. I’m Marine who served his country at a time of war, WITHOUT A PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD. , righteous fully exposing the corrupt current non-supervised system . I should be rewarded and commended for my behavior, not jailed period.

  5. Caught Cpl meritoriously
    Gung Ho award at MOS school.
    1341, 0916 Mos’s.
    Besides being a rifleman and having qualified in Russian annually, I sat on a fifty in country as security before in my life.
    One combat deployment with club deuce ten tack two through eleven tac one.
    4 years honorable discharge, 09-13
    I don’t know why we report false info as I did four not three. What else. Would die to preserve the life of any American citizen always right now, it would be my honor. Out. Senior second award Lcpl Ulanov. Mwa


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