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Man joins the Marines months after this picture of him at 367 lbs was taken

Courtesy photo of Tyler Nelson via KEYC

A Minnesota man shed over 145 pounds in order to join the US Marines- an amazing transformation in an effort to honor his Marine veteran grandfather.

Tyler Nelson managed to drop the weight in eight months, going from 367 pounds to only 246 in a short matter of time, putting in hard work in order to get to boot camp.

“I’m truly amazed and humbled to actually be able to work hand-in-hand with Tyler Nelson,” said Sergeant Ramiro Trevino, who recruited Nelson. “We didn’t know how much commitment or dedication he was going to put into it at the beginning. We knew it was something to accomplish together as a team.”

And accomplish they did- in fact, Nelson’s condition improved so much, that he managed to get his March 2019 boot camp ship date bumped up to December of this year.

“When I first started, didn’t feel like going to the gym, but I went,” said Nelson. “I went two or three times a day, I still go two or three times a day and I haven’t looked back since.”

Nelson’s grandfather served with the Marines during the Vietnam War, sustaining combat injuries. Inspired by his family and the loss of both his mother and grandmother, Nelson kicked it into high gear, vowing to get to the Marine Corps at any cost.

“Be the best me, be a part of something bigger. Not just that lame kid that goes to work and does nothing with his life, I want to be a part of something bigger, better. Be that leader that people see,” Nelson told KEYC 12.


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