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LTC Scheller takes plea deal after military judge attempted to tie his case to the “Capitol riot”

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The US Marine lieutenant colonel who has dominated the internet in recent memory has pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor charges, including willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, dereliction in the performance of duties, and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

LTC Stuard Scheller Jr., who spoke up over what many felt was a bungling of the US withdrawal of Afghanistan, has reportedly taken accountability for his statements and actions on Thursday morning.

Scheller has been issued a letter of reprimand and will forfeit $5,000 of pay for six months.

According to Fox News, the judge attempted to tie Schneller to “something completely unrelated to the case.”

The judge questioned Schneller in a seeming attempt to tie his statements to supporting and/or praising the Capitol protesters on Jan. 6th.

“That rabbit trail that the Marine Corps tried to run down ended up with nothing,” Scheller’s attorney told Fox News.

It is unknown if Scheller will be given a general or honorable discharge, but it is known that he will resign his commission.

Scheller’s exemplary 17-year USMC career was taken into account when considering his punishment, as well as the fact that his family fell apart after he went public with his statements.

The lieutenant colonel spoke up in August after 13 service members -mostly Marines- were killed in Kabul.

Following the incident, Scheller was relieved of his command at one of Camp Lejeune’s infantry training battalions.

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