Home News Lincoln Military Housing is being sued in federal court over mold issues

Lincoln Military Housing is being sued in federal court over mold issues


A military family has sued Lincoln Military Housing claiming that mold in their assigned military house made them sick.

A federal jury will decide if that’s the case. The plaintiffs allege they got sick in 2011, where they were housed at a Lincoln Military Housing complex in Virginia Beach, according to WAVY.

The military family hired an attorney — who also happens to represent 18 other families. The family is hoping to receive between $3 million and $10 million in damages.

Depending on how the judge rules, the attorneys will decide if they want to pursue the remaining 18 cases.

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  1. We had the same issue in our house with our newborn and the mold made her so horrifically sick she was in the ER. Lincoln housing gave us hell when we asked to moved. It took almost a year for them to finally allow us to move. They are now doing it to other people here in our base in Mugu and saying they will only allow them to move if they say there is no mold. They should not be able to black mail us like that when all we want is for our kids to be safe!

  2. We had the same issue in Military housing in Hawaii! Along with several other families. The house made my whole family sick and we had to go to the papers before they would move us. I even hired an independent lab that identified the types of mold, but the housing company wouldn’t acknowledge it. They simply put another family in and made them sick as well!

  3. I live in camp Pendleton housing and when I was pregnant I kept smelling mold coming from our kitchen , I called housing everyday for a week telling them there’s mold in my kitchen I can smell it !! All they did was just check the walls for moisture and put fans in the kitchen to ” dry it out ” it wasn’t until I told them I was pregnant and the mold smell is effecting my Health , because I can’t stand to go in my kitchen to cook food with out gagging, that they came and did thorough investigation and sure enough there was a water leak coming from next door for years ! The wall between my house and the neighbors were rotting away !!!

  4. If anyone knows how I can contact someone about this, my son was hospitalized while I was deployed when he was only 5 months old due to mold inhalation. Investigators went to my house and found mold and Lincoln responded that “everyone claims mold to try to get better housing.” Their manager told me on the phone from Afghanistan that my family would have to pay them for the lack of notice and pay my own expenses since I wouldn’t let my son back in the house. It took the commander of NHCP getting involved to get my family moved.


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