Home News Letters to home: “Get me the f**k off this island”

Letters to home: “Get me the f**k off this island”


Every loved one waiting to hear from their recruit in boot camp hopes and prays that they’re doing well. I’m sure that Mike got a kick out of this one.

Warning: Language.

Parris Island

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  1. Where is this wanna-be in the training cycle? Lots of people have said that (or similar), yea, they have to “break you” before building you.
    Suck-it-up, it is only a SHORT, almost infinitesimal portion of your entire life, and should you make it out alive, you would have earned the title MARINE.

    Does not matter if the writer is a guy or a gal… push through, you can do it. This is real life. This is NOT a simulation. This is not a game. This is not a movie. This is FOR REAL. Embrace it, love it. You will be better for it.

    Trust me, the USAF is only slightly easier…

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