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Lawsuit filed against VA by family of Marine who died at Wisconsin VA center


Jason SimcakoskiMADISON, Wis. — The family of a Marine veteran who died from a toxic mix of more than a dozen drugs at a U.S. Veterans Affairs facility in Tomah, Wisconsin, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the U.S. government.

The federal lawsuit alleges VA caregivers improperly prescribed and administered drugs to Jason , who died in 2014. It also alleges the VA failed to provide adequate emergency care for when he was found unresponsive and failed to adequately diagnose his mental health and substance abuse problems.

The lawsuit filed Monday by wife seeks unspecified compensation.

Neither a Justice Department attorney listed in court documents nor a VA representative could be immediately reached for comment.

Last year, the VA’s inspector general ruled that deficiencies in care led to death. One physician was fired.

National outcries have spurred as a result of this case and recently, a VA Reform Bill passed Congress to help prevent Opioid abuse. The bill, originally drafted as the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, expands the availability of the opioid overdose antidote naloxone, bolsters prescription drug monitoring programs and shifts some criminal justice resources toward addiction treatment.

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  1. I was being seen at the Dallas VA, as I am a disabled vet. I developed pains in almost every joint, I spoke with the doctor 3 Different ones and they all said that my pain was impossible. Then, I developed gout. At that time they put me on Allopurinol. For the gout. The pain I was in got so unbearable I would have to walk with a cane or stay next to the wall to prevent falling. It also started to affect my Brain. I would do stupid stuff, and just totally go out of it mentally. I again spoke with the doctor and was told again that the symptoms I was having were impossible. Finally, I went to a private doctor and in 10 minutes he said that 2 of the medications I was taken should never be taken together and my Uric acid was very high bI filled a complaint with the VA, after 3 months they said that my uric acid level was higher 12 years earlier and that there experts claimed That that could not have caused the problem. Therefore I could get an attorney., . or forget it. The medicine I was taking was lisinopril/HCTZ. The HCTZ and Allopurinol should never be given together. HCTZ apparently causes your uric acid to increase which causes gout.
    The 3 doctors I spoke with all tried to tell me gout only effects your toe. Which is incorrect. It will affect all joints. After the doctor took me off the HCTZ, many of my pins started to clear up, I have been off it for 2 years now and rarely to I have persistent joint pain. And I never use a cane.
    I the went back to the VA filled out a form requesting a new doctor. The went through a bunch of stupid questions about the doctor I wanted. I put a competent one. They changed my doctor, and when I went to the appointment the first thing he said was you should never take these 2 drugs together. Then I explained the whole story, He just shook his head. As for the 3 doctors that said my symptoms were impossible, they still have their jobs and I believe one was promoted.


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