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Japan-based US Marines’ version of Da Pump’s ‘U.S.A.’ goes viral

Screenshot from Twitter video below

The US Marines of Okinawa are dancing their way into Japanese hearts with a video featured Devil Dogs getting their groove on to a Japanese hip-hop song.

The video shows ten junior Marines and a contractor mimicking the dance moves featured in Da Pump’s U.S.A, complete with the chorus line, “C’mon baby, America!”

The video was reportedly produced in order to combat the bad press the Japanese are constantly bombarded with, generally related to misbehaving Marines or aircraft-related mishaps.

“Our hope is that this video allows viewers to see a different side of the U.S. Marines living on Okinawa,” a Marine Corps spokesperson told the Japan Times in an email.

The song U.S.A is ironically about how American culture influences Japanese youth. Taking this into account, the Marines used the video and song to show they appreciate Japanese culture.

So far, the viral video has been shared over 6.5 million times since being shared on Friday, making it a smash hit.

“The moves are so great,” one user said.

The Japanese Self Defense Forces also did a similar dance around the same time, making this a joint operation for the history books.

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