Home News Jail time for man extorting Marine out of almost $10k

Jail time for man extorting Marine out of almost $10k


A North Carolina man who extorted a US Marine for thousands of dollars has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for his rather bizarre crimes.

Eburt Fish was found guilty of extortion and obtaining property by false pretence in an Onslow County courtroom on Monday, according to News 13.

The ruling comes from an incident that took place in October 2015, when a US Marine responded to a Craigslist ad that made an arrangement for a sexual meet-up at an abandoned home.

When the Marine went through with the act, Fish texted him and said that he had sex with an underaged girl supposedly named Michelle Davis. Fish then demanded an oddly specific $9,400 to keep quiet on the matter and prevent the mother from going to the authorities.

Not wanting to get in trouble, the Marine complies, paying Fish $9,400 in full.

“We’ve had a lot of these through the years, different types of scams, preying upon young Marines, young victims, and just trying to take advantage of people,” explained Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee.

The trouble doesn’t end there -the person the Marine had the encounter with, turned out to be a man- though deputies didn’t identify who exactly the man was or the nature of the “encounter.”

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